Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Chair Revamp Take 2

Sooooooo, since I got a new job and didn't know if I could take the yellow office chairs with me (and definitely didn't have room for them in my apartment), I sold them to a lady at work.  I also mentioned I had two others at home if she was interested.  She was and wanted the seat covers the same but painted green.  And so that is what she got!  Before and after are below:

Before and After
As you can see, the seats on these were disgusting.  I got new two inch upholstery foam for them and then recovered as I did before.  I do not like to sand things so I used one can of Zinsser Spray Primer.  The one can thoroughly covered the darker chair and I used the rest on the arm chair, which wasn't in as much need of primer.  Then I used about 1.5 cans of Valspar Premium Enamel Spray Paint in "Satin Tropical Foliage" to paint.  I definitely recommend both those products.  They cover beautifully, are easy to use and dry quickly.  I LOVE how these turned out and hope she likes them too!  


  1. Wow, you are amazing! You could totally have your own business doing just this kind of stuff. Love you!

  2. I just wrote you an email about needing your blog address again, but I just found it!! Yes. We are re-connected. Back in the game!

  3. how did you ruin those amazing chairs

  4. how did you ruin those amazing chairs


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