Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Letters to Santa

Several weeks ago my mom came across some of our old letters to Santa. She did what any responsible librarian would do and laminated them and we (my brother, sister and I) read them aloud last night for Christmas Eve.  I thought I'd also share on here. I believe I was in ninth grade, Cortney was in eighth and that would make Bubba in third. Bubba was still a "believer" in Santa and Cortney and I were helping keep up the act.

Dear Santa,
May I please have a remote control race car? If you don't have a 'mote control race car, then a 'mote control pickup will do.

Dear Santa,
How's it goin'? How are the reindeer?! Well for Christmas this year I really want a karyoke (circled with "sp?" written by it) machine. (I'm tired of using hairbrushes to sing with.) If I do get a karyoake machine, I want it to be able to play karyoake cd's.
If I don't get that then I want Adidas wind suit pants and an Adidas sweat shirt. (If I don't get the shirt, I'm not going to kill-over.) Oh, but I do want the pants that button up the side of the leg.
In my stocking I would like the Backstreet Boys "Millennium" cd.
P.S. Tell the elves I said "Hi!"
P.S.S. I really don't care either one of the things I asked for would be fine! OK?!

Dear Santa,
A portable cd player with a three second anti-skip. And I would also like a portable cd player case. It has two compartments. One is for the portable cd player and the other is for cds.  I would also really like Celine Dion's new cd. A Decade of Song. It's the number one seller at Wal-Mart in the electronics department. I have been very, very, very, very good this year. I was never in major trouble. I never even got a spanking with the big brown belt. (If I had, believe me, I would have remembered.) I worked real hard the first semester and I wound up with all A's. I have also never had drugs or alcohol, so that should count for something!

Ha! Not only do these letters show that my sister and I had terrible taste in music, but they also nicely illustrate each of our distinct personalities - Bubba, short and to the point. After all, this is the man who has to get off the phone because his "ear is getting hot." Cortney, friendly, outgoing, conversational - but while she won't kill over a sweat shirt, she might over pants. LOL! And me, to-the-point, specific and well-researched, with facts to justify the purchase.

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