Thursday, April 4, 2013

Designs Lately

This was for a friend's nursery.  It was a fun project and she was so easy to work with.  See it in her nursery HERE.

When clients come to the office for a review, this is the sign that greets them at the door.  I was and am a little obsessed with Jazz Apples.  They have a fun name and they are delicious so they get to be on the welcome sign...

And the book covers.  Oh and that's not a photo of our new kitchen but it's very similar.  I LOVE our new kitchen.

I think this place it a bar.  It was a fun project (this is the front page.  There is more but you can get the idea by looking at this.)  I like their logo-was not designed by me.  That fish looks so over it.  I had been wanting to use the font on the headers (Vila Morena - Free font at for quite some time and this was the perfect project for it.  They loved it.

Oh, Gusto's, what a challenge you are.  They told me the general idea of what they wanted and then said they were open to anything.  Do whatever you want, they said.  After I sent it, they told me they loved it and then proceeded to change everything about it.  Except the cover.  They love the cover.  Such is the life of a graphic designer.  Sometimes when people say "do whatever you want" it works out really well and sometimes it doesn't.

Still in draft form.  I really like it but everything about it will change and it's still lacking the raw meat "disclaimer" and pricing.  Mmmmm, Taco Pizza.  Stop reading the menu, Candace!
I'm not exactly sure what this is for.  They told me they wanted a logo with those words and this is what happened!!  I used all the company-issued colors and discovered they don't really look very pretty together.
For this menu, we called in a professional food photographer and food stylist (yes, those are actually real professions) and they did an amazing job.  One day after staring at this menu for all day I had to go to Rudy's and get some ribs.

Usually when I work on menus I can input the information without it making me hungry.  It's just kind of in and out and I read for errors, not necessarily for comprehension because if I did I'd eat all the time and be huge.  With this one, it was hard to do that with the delicious photos staring right back at me.  Mission accomplished, OK Joe's.

Sales meeting reminder.  Yes, this was also my Facebook cover photo.  I just added the words for this reminder.  I like to use photos of Jovie whenever I can and since I had it already...

Reminder or a sales meeting made to look like a race bib.  Yay!

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