Monday, March 11, 2013

Photo Restoration

There are few artifacts more precious than family photos.  I love these photos of my grandparents.  Several years ago, I restored these and now they sit in my living room in romantically vintage oval frames.

As you can see, these photos had faded and yellowed with age.  The first two photos were still in great shape but the last one had some wear, cracks, folds, stains, etc.  

I think a common misconception of photo restoration is that the original could be harmed.  Others may have a different process, but as for me, I scan in the original and work on a digital copy.  The original is never touched other than being placed in the scanner and then back in it's envelope.

When these were finished, I printed off crisp, clean 8 x 10s.

Before and After - Grandma
Before and After - Papa
Before and After - The Happy Couple

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