Thursday, March 21, 2013

March Madness Magic

Ok, ladies (and the rando dude who reads or happens upon this blog) Mark has just let me in on a pretty  juicy man card tidbit for all this March Madness Mayhem - ok, ok I will stop with the alliteration.

And maybe you already know about this, but maybe you don't and you will be just as in awe and wonderment of it as I was and am.

Also, not that I would do this at work because first off, I actually can't.  Our firewall blocks "gaming" and "sports" and "fun in general."  But also, (and if you're a regular around here you will know) I don't really like sports.  Basketball is probably the best of all the sports because my sister and brother (and dad...not that I was around for that) played it.

P.S.  My lack of interest in actual sports doesn't ever keep me from participating in the family Bowl Pick 'Ems and March Madness Brackets.  I generally base my picks off one of the four following factors:  1)  Who has the prettiest colors/outfits?  I'm looking at your mint greens, Notre Dame.  And let's be real, I'm a graphic designer.  Of course I'm going to consider that.  2)  What is the mascot?  Is it something annoying?  Where does it rank on the food chain?  Like, is it a person or a starch or a mythical billiken?  3)  Did I go to or work at that school?  4)  Who looks like they want it more in the photo the NCAA (or Yahoo?) has provided?  Roll your eyes if you must but I've netted some pretty hefty victories strategizing this way...much to the chagrin of my brother-in-law.

ANYWAY, the NCAA, in all their infinite wisdom, has created what they call the "Boss Button."  And it goes a little something like this:

You're at work and don't want to miss any of the action so you pull up your bracket on your computer:

Yes, mine is called the Sugar Plum Fairies and no, I'm not doing so hot....but neither is anyone else who picked OSU.

Wait for it to load:

Then you'll see something that looks like this and you can choose which game you'd like to watch live:

Then it will play an ad.  If you're lucky, it will have Jack Donaghy from 30 Rock in it.  

When all of the sudden your boss is coming to stand behind you and tell you to make something in a logo black.  So you do and then he says, "Make it darker." And you're like, "Darker than black?!?!"  (That actually happened to me.)

Not to worry though, simply click on the "Boss Button" (the hot pink arrow is pointing to it in the photo above) and you'll get a screen that looks something like this: (!!!) 

It looks like a work email!  You can even close the one that looks like a new message (small box in photo above).  And what's even cooler is you can click on different emails in your impostor inbox.  Double bonus, it also pauses and silences (duh) the game automatically.

 Then when the coast is clear, click "Return" and it takes you back to the game.

Just hit play and you're good to go.

I love it when people other than me think of everything.  Nicely done, NCAA!

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