Monday, February 11, 2013

Monday Excitement

That title may have just misled you.  This is, in fact, a narrative about my Monday and you may not find it exciting.

This morning I got up kind of late but made up for it by getting ready super fast.  The sweater I wanted to wear keeps coming undone at the seams.  Faulty construction.  Generally I sew it up by hand but then I had the brilliant idea to use my sewing machine....while wearing it.  Genius!  It worked at first but then the sewing machine kind of ate my sweater so I just kind of shimmied out of it while it kind of strangled me and then left it in the machine while I frantically looked for something else to wear.  Also according to the giant burn on my leg, I need to stop trying to do things to clothes while they are on my body (i.e. iron or sew).  But then in all the chaos of getting out of the sweater I was convinced Jovie ate a straight pin because she was acting weird.  After I poked and prodded her a substantial amout of time, I believe she was just actually sleepy because she went to bed and did not want to come back out.  Fine, Jovie!

When I got to work, I went straight to the wash room because, well, that new dinnerware wasn't going to wash itself.  This actually proved to be fun because the massive new washer can wash, rinse and dry trays of dishes in under a minute.  At least I think so.  I didn't actually time it but it was fast.  What a dream!  Then I lined them all up perfectly on the wrack and they are beautiful and shining.  I really wanted to take a photo to show you but there is a window in the wash room door and there were people having a review in the kitchen and I didn't want them to see me and think, "Awe, look at that poor girl taking a picture of washed dishes.  She must live a sad life."  But really I actually did enjoy this part of the day.  Not like I want to make a career out of it but I could see going in there to blow off steam.  Ha!  Steam.  Get it?

THEN I had to go get sandwiches for people.  But that was not so bad because I ran into my former boss and got to talk to him.  He's an inspiration and I miss my friends in that office.  While driving to get lunch and back to the office I noticed there was an increasing number police cars and highway patrols EVERYWHERE.  They even had stops set up in the street.  Turns out two inmates had escaped but the dumber of the two (or the smarter?) had be captured not long after the escape but the other was still on the loose and apparently armed.  I think he should get double the punishment for inconveniencing everyone.  I mean, I am washing dishes and earning an honest wage and he gets to go gallivanting around town like an armed debutant?  I do not think so.

I decided it was time for a Coca-Cola Classic but my stash in the giant walk-in cooler has been disappearing so I just grabbed an 8-pack that was probably expired out of a closet and and half carried/half swung it back to my office, only to open one and have it spew all.  over.  my.  desk.  And also the floor and my clothes.  Desperately trying to remain calm as I tried to clean it up the huge puddle of cola with the most nonabsorbent paper towels known to man while still looking super cool since people were outside my office talking.  Yet, as I'm struggling all over my office, they never noticed.  I could have laid down and rolled around in it and they wouldn't have noticed.  Ha!  Finally I just closed the door and devoured my sandwich like an orphan with a biscuit.

The rest of the day was boring.  The End.

Tomorrow involves carrying dishes and setting up a formal dining room.  Cannot wait to see how this turns out.

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  1. You are hilarious. You need to post more like this so I, the dull stay at home mom, can live vicariously thru you and your adventures in the real world.