Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Football according to Candace

Sunday night...made it the whole weekend without watching any sports.  Score for me.  And then two teams with similar colors were playing.  Naturally, I fell asleep because football is my unisom until Mark woke me up so that I would "sleep at night."  Ummmmm, that's what I was doing.  So, of course, now I'm wired and those football players just made a dog pile on the field.  I really hate it when they do that.  I also have it on good authority that when they do that there is a good amount of butt and eye gouging going on.  Mark was more than a little amused at my vast knowledge of football dog piles and the goings on within them.  I'm glad I can help him understand a game of such tight pants.  I'm told the Super Bowl is next weekend.  To help me illustrate how I feel about this, I made some Grumpy Cat memes:


  1. Lol I love those cat pictures. I make that face on a daily basis--usually in reference to the millionth poopy diaper or H making a complete mess out of something. Don't worry--we can fb chat during the super bowl!

    1. Hahahaha! Me too. And Leia should seriously be using the toilet by now. I mean, she's almost ONE year old (or 12 months as you moms like to say) for crying out loud! lol ;)