Thursday, January 10, 2013

January Favorite Things

No. 1: Borden & Riley #840 Brown Kraft Paper Pad
It's no secret I've been on a bit of a brown paper kick lately.  Recently I used this paper (the 9x12 size) for a special project and loved it.  I ordered from Dick Blick art supply and if you haven't been to this site, I definitely suggest it.  They have the best prices I've seen on all kinds of art supplies.  They also have resources broken into groups like, for educators or for artists.

No. 2:  Moroccan Oil
This is for your hair if you were wondering.  Obviously this isn't a beauty blog.  (Reminder HERE)  However, my mom started using this and then got me and my sister some for Christmas "because it really is good for your hair, Candace."  We all know that what our moms say is law and she was right.  It really is good stuff.  Especially if your hair gets really dry and breaks off in the winter (like mine).  It's helped my hair immensely, tames frizz, speeds drying time and makes it sleek, silky and shiny without it making my roots look oily or weighing it down.  And it smells nice!  There's also a "light" version if you have super fine hair.

No. 3:  Anthropologie Magnetic Kitchen Timer
My brother got me one of these in blue for Christmas.  It's so handy and cute.  Jovie, of course, is afraid of it but that's all part of its charm.  I'm actually using it now while I make Mark some banana nut bread!!!

No. 4:  Shirt Dickeys
Ahahahahahahaha.  Now that we have a good laugh out of the way, these are truly amazing inventions.  Just ask ole Harriet Carter.  She's been doling out "distinctive gifts since 1958."  I saw some on sale in Dillard's while I was with Mark, who was truly horrified by these.  Little does he know, I've been making my own for years.   Just ask my friend Jeannie.  The thing is, I like to wear sweaters with button up shirts underneath but if I wear the whole button up shirt, it makes me feel like I can't move and then I get really hot and irritated and turn into the Hulk.  This is a much better, simpler solution.  It looks like a whole shirt but it is not and no one ever has to know!  People will just see you and think, "Hey!  Look at that very fashionable woman wearing two shirts as if she were only wearing 1.25!"

No. 5:  AeroLatte Handheld Milk Frother
If you're like me and enjoy the foamy milk top of a latte more than the latte itself, then this is the gadget for you!  Mark got me a Keurig for Christmas and with this, I can make a Starbucks-esque drinks at home.  You just heat the milk (any kind of milk) and then give it a swirl for 15-20 seconds and BOOM!  Gloriously delicious frothed milk for your coffee or ho cho.  Mark's mom got me this little treasure for Christmas.  Incidentally, I think I was with her in Williams Sonoma when she was purchasing it but I didn't notice because I was stalking the girl at the front of the store handing out peppermint bark samples.  Which brings me to....

No.  6:  Ghirardelli Chocolate Limited Edition Peppermint Bark
This is a special treat my mom and I share each Christmas.  This is my favorite kind of chocolate of all time.  Notice the "limited edition" part?  They are only around certain times of the year, no doubt increasing the demand.  Ghirardelli, you evil genius.

No.  7:  Just My Type:  A Book About Fonts by Simon Garfield
I realize not everyone will be as into this one as I am but this book is sooooo good.  Btw, this is a book about typography...not a book about men.  It's insightful and funny and informative all at the same time.  Mark's sister got me this for Christmas and it's been one of the best books I've read in a while.  It's thoroughly entertaining and I think the LA Times put it best when they said, "Whether you're a graphic designer or a layperson with no background in this area, reading what Garfield has to say will change the way you perceive the written word forever."

(These are my thoughts and opinions.  I did not receive any type of compensation for these statements.  These items are simply things I like, enjoy and/or find useful.)

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