Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Designs Lately & FREE Printables

These were not work related!  I wanted to create some new pieces for possibly my apartment or office.  Sometimes it's so nice to just design for me....or in this case also for YOU!  A few of these are free printables so you can print it out if you would like to.  

Photo Credit:  Mark Chaney Landscape Photography.  {Free printable HERE.}

The Night Sky.  Photo Credit: Eric Hines [source] {No free printable for this one because I don't know Mr. Hines}
What good shall I do this day?  {Free printable HERE.}

I love typography a lot.  I really do!  If you do too, free printable HERE.

Home Sweet OklaHOME. {Free printable HERE.}


  1. Do you do any contract/commission work on the side?! I'm wanting to re-create a poem I like for our nursery, but I don't have the software (or ability) to do it.

    1. Yes! Just send me an email with the details (poem, colors, size) to and I'll send you a quote and printing info.