Friday, January 4, 2013

7 Confessions

1.  If I never have to see anything about baseball for the rest of my life I'm more than ok with that.

2.  When I was in lower elementary school, I went to get breakfast of toast for my teacher.  The wind caught the plate on the way out of the cafeteria and the toast hit the ground.  I guiltily went and requested another two slices from the stereotypical lunch lady and went on my way.  The wind caught them again.  Repeat with an even more aggravated lunch lady. The wind thing happened a third time.  I scooped the toast off the ground, put it back on the plate and ran as the lunch lady yelled at me.  I gave my teacher floor toast and she ate it.

3.  The activity I am worst at: waiting in line.

4.  Velvet makes my skin crawl.

5.  High heels give me super powers.

6.  I automatically stop listening when people say "I seen _(fill in the blank with whatever they say they've seen:  a movie, a dog, a grammar book {not likely})__."  Example:  "I seen a kite." [cringe]

7.  I have an unhealthy number of pens and flash drives in my purse at all times.

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