Thursday, December 27, 2012

Weekend Wrap Up #19

Truth.  [source]

Friday 12.21:  Christmas shopping.  Mark was kind enough to go with me.  There's something so magical about waiting until the last minute to buy Christmas gifts for people.....said no one ever.  However, due to this "real job" I have now, I had not really had the time for shopping so this is where I found myself four days before Christmas.  Thankfully, it wasn't too terribly bad and we even got a front row parking spot at Bass Pro Shops, right next to Gary the employee of the month who wasn't working at the time.  Gary, skipping out on crazed holiday shoppers is no way to earn employee of the month again.

And then, dreaded Wal-Mart because of two things:

1) I was out of toilet paper and for some reason have not wised up and found some sort of auto delivery service for necessities like toilet paper, soap, toothpaste, etc.  It has to exist somewhere and if it doesn't I'm going to invent it.

And 2)  I got my parents rearview mirrors for their 4-wheelers...which is why there was a trip to Bass Pro Shops.  What's that?  You didn't know they made rear view mirrors for 4-wheelers?!?!  I didn't either until that's what my mom mentioned she wanted.  Apparently there are some trails they ride where it's dangerous to look back behind you to make sure your riding buddies are still there and if you're bringing up the rear, you could be left behind.  (Especially if you ride like I do and high center yourself in the mud.  I don't go a lot.....obviously.)

ANYWAY, being the always-thoughtful daughter I strive to be, I wanted to get them rear view mirror ornaments to hang from their new rear view mirrors because we're classy like that and if you're going to do something, you have to do it all the way.  Am I right?

I should also note that when I got my drivers license the trend was to hang some gaudy Hawaiian lei or other giant piece of hideous flare from your rear view mirror.  My dad would NOT let me or my sister do this because he thought it would cause us not to be able to see.  Dad's always keep a watchful eye and it's amazing what sticks with you over the years.  SO back to Wal-Mart.

Initially I wanted to get some of those awful tree air fresheners.  You know, for the irony of having that good, fresh artificial pine scent while riding in the great outdoors.  Then Mark suggested fuzzy dice.  Ha!  I knew there was a reason we got along so well.  And then that led to the idea of getting my mom some really obscene fuzzy handcuffs.  We found the fuzzy dice and then had to get handcuffs in the kid's toy department.  And then picked up a fuzzy boa thing at Hobby Lobby, which, of course, Jovie was terrified of when I got it home.  The end result was hilarious and I loved watching my mom open it on Christmas Eve.  She's so much fun to prank!


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