Friday, December 21, 2012

Weekend Wrap Up #18

Friday 12.14:  Jovie and I had a special treat on Friday.  Our little five-year-old friend, Scarlett, spent the night!!  I picked her up from daycare and asked if she wanted to go eat dinner or if she wanted to go play with Jovie.  "JOVIE!!!"  Of course.  So that's what we did.  They played chase and danced and ran until S got hungry and we went to dinner at McDonald's and then went to get Christmas cookie supplies, which turned in to girl and boy cookie supplies.  You know, pink for girls and blue for boys.  She helped me make the cookies.  Ok, they were slice and bake so I sliced and she put on the pan and when they were finished, we decorated!  By this time, it was getting late so we watched some tv and went to sleep.  I fell asleep first so naturally my bra was frozen.

Big smile when S comes to play!
They're both so adorable!
Sweet girls!
"Look!  She likes to dance!" (Jovie would do anything ANYTHING if it meant she was with S.)
Helping decorate cookies!
animation maker free
"Sit!"  "Now here's your treat!"

Saturday 12.15:  S woke up early but so does Jovie so that was nothing new for a Saturday.  I took her home and her mom (my good friend) made us chocolate chip pancakes!!!  Then I zipped up to OKC for a painting class at Wine and Palette with my friend, Abby.  I HATE how mine turned out.  She looks like she has a mouthful of nuts causing her to have a lumpy face.  Let's just say faces are hard and leave it like that.  Abby did a really great job.  The teacher even wanted a photo of hers after the class.  The teacher did not want a photo of mine.  I'm not bitter.

What our painting was supposed to look like (only not all pixilated.)

What ours actually looked like.

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