Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Weekend Wrap Up #9

Friday 10.12:  Bubba's Graduation!  This was such a great day.  Graduation was at the brand new Devon tower in their gorgeous auditorium.  Our family was in attendance.  If you missed the family night wrap up, click HERE.  To see photos from graduation as well as the rest of the weekend, keep on scrolling!

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Dad pinning Bubba's badge on him.  This was such a special moment in the ceremony.

Class 12-1. 
Taking the oath.
This plaque is a gift from the 12-1 Class.  Inside the tank are each of their names symbolizing that they will always be together as a class and the ashes from one of their class shirts.  They also beat A LOT of records as a class and individually and those records are listed in the lower left corner.
It's official!

So handsome!

Whew!  What a weekend.  One of the best and wow am I tired.  Bubba started his job already (the OCFD doesn't waste any time!).  He loved it and they had about 13 calls.  Nothing major...yet.  He only got about two hours of sleep but was freezing cold during sleep time so he was thankful when they did get calls.  He later did what any resourceful fire fighter would do and made himself a Bubba-size blanket:

Hope you all had great weekends also!

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