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My Take: Great, Non-Boring Looks for Work

This was an article I saw on Yahoo by Alison Syrett  |  Lucky Magazine  |  Monday, October 8, 2012.  The tag line was "Office friendly looks that will turn heads."  Here is my take on each piece.

(disclaimer:  I am not a fashion expert and am not being paid by any of these designers.  I'm also NOT a fashion blogger. This is simply my take on how each of these would fit into my workplace/day/lifestyle.  I'm a graphic designer and event planner.  My days are filled with some desk work and some moving around, carrying heavy boxes, meeting with clients/customers/vendors.  Sometimes a lot of driving.  Always a lot of walking.  And Oklahoma is HOT in the summer.  I'm partial to cotton...and dresses.)

Tux blouse
Trimmed Tux Blouse, $38,
Photo:  Courtesy of
Lucky Mag says:  "Skinny little trim, big fat impact."
My take:  First off, white, sheer and pleather pants?!?  I would not escape the day with fewer than five comments/remarks from the opposite sex and seven catty behind-the-back comments from fellow females.  I'd probably chafe and spill my hot chocolate down the front of the shirt.  It would dry and look like I was bleeding.  Not to mention if I had to carry anything, I would rip the shirt.  Me and that kind of material do not have a great track record.

Collection Scoopneck Top in Silk Scarf Foulard
Collection Scoopneck Top in Silk Scarf Foulard, $200,
Photo:  Courtesy of

Lucky Mag says:  It doesn't need buttons to be fancy.
My take:  I love jcrew.  I could wear this on casual Friday and probably other days, but his is more of a weekend style for me.  I think they call it fancy because it's made of silk, which is lovely, but again if I had to carry anything I would rip it.  Love it...but for weekends only.  And why would this shirt need buttons and since when do buttons dictate "fancy?"  That's at silly statement, Lucky Mag.

A.L.C. Reggie Blouse
A.L.C. Reggie BLouse, $395,
Photo:  Courtesy of
Lucky Mag says:  Pale pink with pleats and peplum.
My take:  It's a little on the granny side (especially in that color) but tucked into some nice dress pants it would be ok.  Though there are nicer shirts for $395.  I can't see myself wearing this.

Preen Georgette and Jersey Top
Preen Line Erin Silk-satin, georgette and jersey top, $475,
Photo:  Courtesy of Preen
Lucky Mag says:  Keep your sheer scandal-free.
My take:  Geez, where to begin?!?  Purple and black...perfect for mardi gras or Halloween.  It looks like something a witch in disguise would wear.  Their statement is accurate.  The sheer is only on the sleeves.  What is the deal with all the pleather?!?  Pleather does not belong in the workplace...or the world.  The top has no shape.  The darts look uneven.  The cuffs are a nice afterthought touch.  Overall this looks terribly uncomfortable.  I'd fidget, feel like I couldn't move and be hot all day long.  That skirt looks like it would constantly be riding up and I'd be pulling at it.  Guess that's what the pockets are for.

Confetti shirt
Confetti Shrunken Buttondown, $78,
Photo:  Courtesy of
Lucky Mag says:  Great for messy eaters.
My take:  Ouch.  It's like they knew what I was going to say about look #1!  I really like this shirt.  I'd have to tuck into dress pants or wear on Friday but overall this is a win!

Printed Peplum Top
Printed Peplum Top, $47.50,
Photo:  Courtesy of
Lucky Mag says:  Because the waist is defined, you don't have to tuck.
My take:  Ick.  Not a fan of this style top or the color.  I don't wear cap sleeves.  The "defined waist" is not actually defined.  It's cinched in and there's a nice overhang.  Again, this would be uncomfortable-not as uncomfortable as pleather - and it's not really all that fashionable.  I have to wonder if Piperlime took on some of the Project Runway rejects.  And why pay $47.50 when you can get a similar one from Kmart for only $13.19?!?  See it HERE.

ASOS Shirt With Placement Paisley Print
ASOS Shirt with Placement Paisley Print, $62,
Photo:  Courtesy of ASOS
Lucky Mag says:  Paired with a tan pencil skirt, it will quiet right down.
My take:  Then what is the point?  And why did you pair it with black pants?  I'd wear it in a different color.  It ultimately looks like a print for curtains or a rain coat.

Soaring Swallows Blouse
Equipment Brett Black Swallow Print, $238,
Photo:  Courtesy of
Lucky Mag says:  Soaring swallows = endless compliments.
My take:  Not sure about all the compliments but I do like this top.  Of course, I always like black...

Sleeveless Botany Blouse
Sleeveless Botany Blouse, $72,
Photo:  Courtesy of
Lucky Mag says:  Granny in a good way.
My take:  It is granny.  I would wear it.  I like that it's sleeveless because I cannot stand for my layers to get bunched up.  I start to feel bound like I can't move and then it gets hot and I get irritated and then everything makes me angry, like Hulk-style angry (My sister and I have even been known to take scissors into the bathroom and 'alter' our shirts).  You get the point.  I like the sleeveless and I like to be able to move.  I also like the sweater - even if Ruf/Nek hates that color.

Tibi Colorblock Silk Shirt
Tibi Colorblock Silk Shirt, $295,
Photo:  Courtesy of
Lucky Mag says:  Wear a T-shirt all day and still be the best dressed.
My take:  Seriously?!  Where do these people work that a T-shirt is considered dress clothes...or "best dressed" for that matter???  I like the shirt, but not for work.  Clarification:  I like the shirt but that doesn't mean I'd want to own or wear the shirt.  I wouldn't.  P.S.  I just saw the local news lady in a shirt almost identical to this. ladies....that's who can wear this to work.

So did you love any of these?  Hate any?  What do you wear to work?  And am I the only person who is anti-pleather?!?!

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  1. Some of the outfits I can see where, if re-worked, they could be nice...but the black and purple ensemble??? That might work on the runway or something...but I can't think of single place that it would be either appropriate or acceptable to wear.