Friday, October 5, 2012

Meat and Halloween

The image below was for a strip steak promotion.  Yes, I said strip steak and I realize that is a ribeye.  I simply wanted an image of meat in the shape of America since it was called "Strips Across the Country."  Get it??  I wasn't so concerned with what cut of meat.  Turns out the cut of meat was the most important! (bold, underline, exclamation point for emphasis) part to the sales associates looking at this flyer, given that this America is made of a meat that is not included in the promotion.  Over the course of the two days following this promo's release into the wild, I had approximately 50+ conversations that went something like this:

Associate:  You know that's not strip steak, right?
Me:  Yes, I just wanted meat in the shape of America.
Associate:  Oh, I didn't even notice the shape.
Me:  -_-

Design fail.  I clearly broke the golden rule of advertising and design:  know your target audience.  Lesson learned, boys.  

Nothing more American that meat in the shape of America.

The Halloween promo (as I call everyone else it's just "Promo #3") was made with a premium brush pack from Brusheezy.  Yes, I know the amount of toner this will use when I print off hundreds of copies.  I just wanted something fun, festive and a little dark.  Happy October!  Btw, when I emailed this out, I added "May the odds be ever in your favor."  No one got it.

Fleur and a bat.
In real life these both have boring tables with the special pricing/promotion info.  I just probably shouldn't include it on here.    

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