Friday, October 19, 2012

Flu Shots, Wool Uniforms, Chips and Big Tex

Today....(either things I did or thought about)...
photo via with this kind of message, I'm surprised they are a successful operation.  Btw, this is what I look like when I get a shot.  I wish I could see the nurse's face.  She probably looks happy.
1.  I got a flu shot at work today.  I forgot until I got to work that it was happening today, but if I had remembered, I would have laid awake stressing about it all night long.  Far too many nurses have used my arm as a target and the shot as a dart.  I was straight with the lady today and told her my arm was not a target, the shot was not a dart, I have small arms and baby soft skin, so be kind.  She was but it still hurt.

photo via cropped his tat out of it.
2.  The Maryland basketball team is wearing some faux-wool uniforms in their game against Kentucky to honor the Brooklyn Dodgers.  I have no idea what the link is between Maryland Basketball and Brooklyn Baseball...nor do I closely follow college basketball (but you better believe come March The Sugar Plum Fairies, which is the name I always give my bracket, will rock that contest).  I mean, last time I checked Brooklyn was not in Maryland....but it could be.  I'm really good at geography and by really good I mean the opposite of really good.  Anyway, these uniforms are being hailed as the "latest abominable example of college basketball's newfound infatuation with grey."  What is wrong with grey???  And what about college football's infatuation with grey (I'm looking at you, OSU).  And....HELLO!  What about the name of this blog?!?  Of course I love grey.  I also love these uniforms and think they are awesome.  Haters gon' hate.  I'll probably choose Maryland to be national champs on my bracket just because of this uniform.

"Is" or "are"???  I debated over photoshop-ing this...

3.  I helped get chips and salsa for a sales meeting at work.  There were like ten massive shopping bags full of chips and two trays of salsa.  When I get groceries at home, I will basically rip my arms off my body if it means I only have to make one trip from the car to my apartment.  So I accepted the challenge of carrying all of them in in one trip so we didn't have to go back and Gina got the messy salsa.  We walked past no less than 50 men and two women and NONE of them offered to help.  Which is fine - you can't be close to 30, live alone and not know how to carry armfuls of bags.  But many of them went as far as acting like they didn't even see us.  Even if I see a man carrying things I offer to help.  We'll see who has the last laugh when they're needing menus designed...

Big Tex smiling while burning...yet his eyes are silently putting the "OWWWW!" in "hOWdy."  (photo via
For the record, this is how I feel after I blow dry my hair.  (photo via

4.  Big Tex burned.  Ole BT is mostly creepy but he's also kind of historic so it's kind of sad and now he looks even creepier as a charred skeleton than he did as a giant man who gurgled, "Howdy" to people so I really hope they get him fixed or donate his remaining hands to some other massive creepy statue in need.  Hand transplants are real.  I saw it on Grey's Anatomy one time.  The dispatcher on the Big Tex call actually said, "Got a rather tall cowboy with all his clothes burned off."  I don't know this person but we'd probably be friends.  Big Tex was done in about 10 minutes.  Ding!  Happy Halloween, Texas.

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