Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Fire Academy Family Night

Rescue Ladder 15 - We didn't know it at the time, but this is where Bubba is stationed.  Second busiest station in all of OKC.  He'll be busy.

Last Thursday the OCFD had a family night for the graduates.  We all (mom, dad, me and my bf, Cortney and her mate, Bubba and his gf) were in attendance.  We ate pizza and the chief of training and other training staff spoke and we watched a video of what they did for the last 16 weeks.  

Sitting there listening to the chief speak and looking around the room, there was so much pride on the faces of each and every family member in attendance.  And of course that goes for all of us for Bubba.  

This is such a remarkable accomplishment, something he's worked so hard for and something he is passionate about.  He summed it up pretty perfectly the day he found out he was in: "It's my dream job.  This is where I'll be for my whole career."  Oddly enough, my brother-in-law and I both got job offers of our own the very same day Bubba got his offer from the OCFD.  The difference between Bubba's job and my job?  Bubba is a hero.  Congratulations, Bubba!  You're exactly where you were meant to be!


"It's just a brand."  "Oooooo!  Cool!"


The "Oklahoma City" is backwards so you can see it in your car mirrors.


4500 PSI



Dad with the water hose.

How many friends can fit in the fire truck???  SIX!


The ladder was so tall!
About to ride in the bucket at the end of the ladder.  Weeeeee!
Mom with the hose.  There was a man on the sidewalk she was trying to spray.

Air tanks (?)

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  1. I have just sat and watched the flashing light for 10 minutes now...mesmerizing. Great pictures--so proud of Caleb! Who would have thought all that time of us dressing him up all pretty that one day he'd be a big tough fire fighter!