Tuesday, October 9, 2012


Everyone knows cousins are basically awesome.  A lot of times they're the first friends you actually have and because they're family you can't really truly ever get away from them.  To tell the truth, you're kind of forced to hang out with them but then you have your family in common so there's a pretty strong common bond.  Here is a photo of me with some of my cousins at a family reunion many moons ago.  I can't really say for sure how old I am here but given the amount of bangs I have, probably either 4 or 5...or maybe 3?  (But probably 4 or 5 because I'm guessing I'm smiling at my baby brother somewhere not too far away.)  Ten points for anyone who can guess which one is me....or you can just read below.

From left:  My sister Cortney, my cousin Holly, Me, my cousin Lindsay, my cousin Andrew, my cousin Lauren.

So let's get to the point:  WHY does Lindsay look like she's trying to get away from me?!?  I mean, she won't even look at me!  Did I smell bad?  Am I mouth breathing?!?  Is it because I'm dressed like Jason Segel (thanks, mom!)?!?  Was I trying to hold her hand?!?  Is it because my shoes are so "muggy"?!  (That means 'muddy' or 'dirty' for those of you who don't speak 4-year-old Candace.)  I sooooo wish I could remember the day this photo was taken.  :)  I also wish I could be at the family reunion this weekend so we could all possibly take this photo again, you know, like a then and now.  I'd even wear a boxy button up.  But unfortunately I won't be there.  Photoshop, anyone???

Btw, that's my grandpa with the guitar on the far right.  ROCKSTAR!

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  1. I am now going to make the cousins line up on the wall to re-create this photo this weekend. Don't worry, we'll photoshop you in. So sad you can't be there but so happy we'll get to see ya on Sunday!