Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Jovie's First Halloween

Her first Halloween with me, anyway.  Ruf/Nek helped me pick out her costume.  She's a little monkey.  And then I couldn't resist putting her in a pumpkin!!!

That last picture cracks me up!  She does a great stink eye.

Happy Halloween to everyone and to everyone a good night!

Friday, October 19, 2012

Flu Shots, Wool Uniforms, Chips and Big Tex

Today....(either things I did or thought about)...
photo via with this kind of message, I'm surprised they are a successful operation.  Btw, this is what I look like when I get a shot.  I wish I could see the nurse's face.  She probably looks happy.
1.  I got a flu shot at work today.  I forgot until I got to work that it was happening today, but if I had remembered, I would have laid awake stressing about it all night long.  Far too many nurses have used my arm as a target and the shot as a dart.  I was straight with the lady today and told her my arm was not a target, the shot was not a dart, I have small arms and baby soft skin, so be kind.  She was but it still hurt.

photo via cropped his tat out of it.
2.  The Maryland basketball team is wearing some faux-wool uniforms in their game against Kentucky to honor the Brooklyn Dodgers.  I have no idea what the link is between Maryland Basketball and Brooklyn Baseball...nor do I closely follow college basketball (but you better believe come March The Sugar Plum Fairies, which is the name I always give my bracket, will rock that contest).  I mean, last time I checked Brooklyn was not in Maryland....but it could be.  I'm really good at geography and by really good I mean the opposite of really good.  Anyway, these uniforms are being hailed as the "latest abominable example of college basketball's newfound infatuation with grey."  What is wrong with grey???  And what about college football's infatuation with grey (I'm looking at you, OSU).  And....HELLO!  What about the name of this blog?!?  Of course I love grey.  I also love these uniforms and think they are awesome.  Haters gon' hate.  I'll probably choose Maryland to be national champs on my bracket just because of this uniform.

"Is" or "are"???  I debated over photoshop-ing this...

3.  I helped get chips and salsa for a sales meeting at work.  There were like ten massive shopping bags full of chips and two trays of salsa.  When I get groceries at home, I will basically rip my arms off my body if it means I only have to make one trip from the car to my apartment.  So I accepted the challenge of carrying all of them in in one trip so we didn't have to go back and Gina got the messy salsa.  We walked past no less than 50 men and two women and NONE of them offered to help.  Which is fine - you can't be close to 30, live alone and not know how to carry armfuls of bags.  But many of them went as far as acting like they didn't even see us.  Even if I see a man carrying things I offer to help.  We'll see who has the last laugh when they're needing menus designed...

Big Tex smiling while burning...yet his eyes are silently putting the "OWWWW!" in "hOWdy."  (photo via
For the record, this is how I feel after I blow dry my hair.  (photo via

4.  Big Tex burned.  Ole BT is mostly creepy but he's also kind of historic so it's kind of sad and now he looks even creepier as a charred skeleton than he did as a giant man who gurgled, "Howdy" to people so I really hope they get him fixed or donate his remaining hands to some other massive creepy statue in need.  Hand transplants are real.  I saw it on Grey's Anatomy one time.  The dispatcher on the Big Tex call actually said, "Got a rather tall cowboy with all his clothes burned off."  I don't know this person but we'd probably be friends.  Big Tex was done in about 10 minutes.  Ding!  Happy Halloween, Texas.

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Weekend Wrap Up #9

Friday 10.12:  Bubba's Graduation!  This was such a great day.  Graduation was at the brand new Devon tower in their gorgeous auditorium.  Our family was in attendance.  If you missed the family night wrap up, click HERE.  To see photos from graduation as well as the rest of the weekend, keep on scrolling!

HZUbl2 on Make A Gif, Animated Gifs
Dad pinning Bubba's badge on him.  This was such a special moment in the ceremony.

Class 12-1. 
Taking the oath.
This plaque is a gift from the 12-1 Class.  Inside the tank are each of their names symbolizing that they will always be together as a class and the ashes from one of their class shirts.  They also beat A LOT of records as a class and individually and those records are listed in the lower left corner.
It's official!

So handsome!

Whew!  What a weekend.  One of the best and wow am I tired.  Bubba started his job already (the OCFD doesn't waste any time!).  He loved it and they had about 13 calls.  Nothing major...yet.  He only got about two hours of sleep but was freezing cold during sleep time so he was thankful when they did get calls.  He later did what any resourceful fire fighter would do and made himself a Bubba-size blanket:

Hope you all had great weekends also!

Fire Academy Family Night

Rescue Ladder 15 - We didn't know it at the time, but this is where Bubba is stationed.  Second busiest station in all of OKC.  He'll be busy.

Last Thursday the OCFD had a family night for the graduates.  We all (mom, dad, me and my bf, Cortney and her mate, Bubba and his gf) were in attendance.  We ate pizza and the chief of training and other training staff spoke and we watched a video of what they did for the last 16 weeks.  

Sitting there listening to the chief speak and looking around the room, there was so much pride on the faces of each and every family member in attendance.  And of course that goes for all of us for Bubba.  

This is such a remarkable accomplishment, something he's worked so hard for and something he is passionate about.  He summed it up pretty perfectly the day he found out he was in: "It's my dream job.  This is where I'll be for my whole career."  Oddly enough, my brother-in-law and I both got job offers of our own the very same day Bubba got his offer from the OCFD.  The difference between Bubba's job and my job?  Bubba is a hero.  Congratulations, Bubba!  You're exactly where you were meant to be!


"It's just a brand."  "Oooooo!  Cool!"


The "Oklahoma City" is backwards so you can see it in your car mirrors.


4500 PSI



Dad with the water hose.

How many friends can fit in the fire truck???  SIX!


The ladder was so tall!
About to ride in the bucket at the end of the ladder.  Weeeeee!
Mom with the hose.  There was a man on the sidewalk she was trying to spray.

Air tanks (?)

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Wednesday, October 10, 2012

My Take: Great, Non-Boring Looks for Work

This was an article I saw on Yahoo by Alison Syrett  |  Lucky Magazine  |  Monday, October 8, 2012.  The tag line was "Office friendly looks that will turn heads."  Here is my take on each piece.

(disclaimer:  I am not a fashion expert and am not being paid by any of these designers.  I'm also NOT a fashion blogger. This is simply my take on how each of these would fit into my workplace/day/lifestyle.  I'm a graphic designer and event planner.  My days are filled with some desk work and some moving around, carrying heavy boxes, meeting with clients/customers/vendors.  Sometimes a lot of driving.  Always a lot of walking.  And Oklahoma is HOT in the summer.  I'm partial to cotton...and dresses.)

Tux blouse
Trimmed Tux Blouse, $38,
Photo:  Courtesy of
Lucky Mag says:  "Skinny little trim, big fat impact."
My take:  First off, white, sheer and pleather pants?!?  I would not escape the day with fewer than five comments/remarks from the opposite sex and seven catty behind-the-back comments from fellow females.  I'd probably chafe and spill my hot chocolate down the front of the shirt.  It would dry and look like I was bleeding.  Not to mention if I had to carry anything, I would rip the shirt.  Me and that kind of material do not have a great track record.

Collection Scoopneck Top in Silk Scarf Foulard
Collection Scoopneck Top in Silk Scarf Foulard, $200,
Photo:  Courtesy of

Lucky Mag says:  It doesn't need buttons to be fancy.
My take:  I love jcrew.  I could wear this on casual Friday and probably other days, but his is more of a weekend style for me.  I think they call it fancy because it's made of silk, which is lovely, but again if I had to carry anything I would rip it.  Love it...but for weekends only.  And why would this shirt need buttons and since when do buttons dictate "fancy?"  That's at silly statement, Lucky Mag.

A.L.C. Reggie Blouse
A.L.C. Reggie BLouse, $395,
Photo:  Courtesy of
Lucky Mag says:  Pale pink with pleats and peplum.
My take:  It's a little on the granny side (especially in that color) but tucked into some nice dress pants it would be ok.  Though there are nicer shirts for $395.  I can't see myself wearing this.

Preen Georgette and Jersey Top
Preen Line Erin Silk-satin, georgette and jersey top, $475,
Photo:  Courtesy of Preen
Lucky Mag says:  Keep your sheer scandal-free.
My take:  Geez, where to begin?!?  Purple and black...perfect for mardi gras or Halloween.  It looks like something a witch in disguise would wear.  Their statement is accurate.  The sheer is only on the sleeves.  What is the deal with all the pleather?!?  Pleather does not belong in the workplace...or the world.  The top has no shape.  The darts look uneven.  The cuffs are a nice afterthought touch.  Overall this looks terribly uncomfortable.  I'd fidget, feel like I couldn't move and be hot all day long.  That skirt looks like it would constantly be riding up and I'd be pulling at it.  Guess that's what the pockets are for.

Confetti shirt
Confetti Shrunken Buttondown, $78,
Photo:  Courtesy of
Lucky Mag says:  Great for messy eaters.
My take:  Ouch.  It's like they knew what I was going to say about look #1!  I really like this shirt.  I'd have to tuck into dress pants or wear on Friday but overall this is a win!

Printed Peplum Top
Printed Peplum Top, $47.50,
Photo:  Courtesy of
Lucky Mag says:  Because the waist is defined, you don't have to tuck.
My take:  Ick.  Not a fan of this style top or the color.  I don't wear cap sleeves.  The "defined waist" is not actually defined.  It's cinched in and there's a nice overhang.  Again, this would be uncomfortable-not as uncomfortable as pleather - and it's not really all that fashionable.  I have to wonder if Piperlime took on some of the Project Runway rejects.  And why pay $47.50 when you can get a similar one from Kmart for only $13.19?!?  See it HERE.

ASOS Shirt With Placement Paisley Print
ASOS Shirt with Placement Paisley Print, $62,
Photo:  Courtesy of ASOS
Lucky Mag says:  Paired with a tan pencil skirt, it will quiet right down.
My take:  Then what is the point?  And why did you pair it with black pants?  I'd wear it in a different color.  It ultimately looks like a print for curtains or a rain coat.

Soaring Swallows Blouse
Equipment Brett Black Swallow Print, $238,
Photo:  Courtesy of
Lucky Mag says:  Soaring swallows = endless compliments.
My take:  Not sure about all the compliments but I do like this top.  Of course, I always like black...

Sleeveless Botany Blouse
Sleeveless Botany Blouse, $72,
Photo:  Courtesy of
Lucky Mag says:  Granny in a good way.
My take:  It is granny.  I would wear it.  I like that it's sleeveless because I cannot stand for my layers to get bunched up.  I start to feel bound like I can't move and then it gets hot and I get irritated and then everything makes me angry, like Hulk-style angry (My sister and I have even been known to take scissors into the bathroom and 'alter' our shirts).  You get the point.  I like the sleeveless and I like to be able to move.  I also like the sweater - even if Ruf/Nek hates that color.

Tibi Colorblock Silk Shirt
Tibi Colorblock Silk Shirt, $295,
Photo:  Courtesy of
Lucky Mag says:  Wear a T-shirt all day and still be the best dressed.
My take:  Seriously?!  Where do these people work that a T-shirt is considered dress clothes...or "best dressed" for that matter???  I like the shirt, but not for work.  Clarification:  I like the shirt but that doesn't mean I'd want to own or wear the shirt.  I wouldn't.  P.S.  I just saw the local news lady in a shirt almost identical to this. ladies....that's who can wear this to work.

So did you love any of these?  Hate any?  What do you wear to work?  And am I the only person who is anti-pleather?!?!

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Little Affen


Everyone knows cousins are basically awesome.  A lot of times they're the first friends you actually have and because they're family you can't really truly ever get away from them.  To tell the truth, you're kind of forced to hang out with them but then you have your family in common so there's a pretty strong common bond.  Here is a photo of me with some of my cousins at a family reunion many moons ago.  I can't really say for sure how old I am here but given the amount of bangs I have, probably either 4 or 5...or maybe 3?  (But probably 4 or 5 because I'm guessing I'm smiling at my baby brother somewhere not too far away.)  Ten points for anyone who can guess which one is me....or you can just read below.

From left:  My sister Cortney, my cousin Holly, Me, my cousin Lindsay, my cousin Andrew, my cousin Lauren.

So let's get to the point:  WHY does Lindsay look like she's trying to get away from me?!?  I mean, she won't even look at me!  Did I smell bad?  Am I mouth breathing?!?  Is it because I'm dressed like Jason Segel (thanks, mom!)?!?  Was I trying to hold her hand?!?  Is it because my shoes are so "muggy"?!  (That means 'muddy' or 'dirty' for those of you who don't speak 4-year-old Candace.)  I sooooo wish I could remember the day this photo was taken.  :)  I also wish I could be at the family reunion this weekend so we could all possibly take this photo again, you know, like a then and now.  I'd even wear a boxy button up.  But unfortunately I won't be there.  Photoshop, anyone???

Btw, that's my grandpa with the guitar on the far right.  ROCKSTAR!