Tuesday, September 25, 2012

State Fair of Oklahoma

  • Saturday 9.15:  Met my parents and brother/gf at the Great State Fair of Oklahoma!  
Best thing I ate all day....cinnamon roll!!

Bubba and his lovely girlfriend.

My old roommates.


"B" Model

Lauren enjoying cheese on a stick.  I insisted on taking photos of everyone's food.

Love those bulbs!

Mmmmm!  Dad sipping some lemonade.

Giant Corn!  It was at a roasted corn booth.  I saw a dad with a kid in a stroller.  He was trying to take a pic of the kid holding the corn.  The kid dropped it on the ground and the dad scooped it up, wiped it off and gave it back to him.  So funny!

Burger & Chili Shack, home of the Juicy Lucy.

Hot Doggie - Little hot dogs made for dogs!

The great OKC pumpkins!

One of TWO Sweepstakes ribbons my uncle won for his canning.  There are only five Sweepstakes ribbons given total and he won two!  

Photo with the Great American Spam Championship...nailed it!

Nap time!

Beautiful cow!  She looked so soft.

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  1. Awesome! I made your blog! So glad you found my entries at the State fair! Looks like you had fun!