Friday, September 28, 2012

7 Confessions: The Office Edition

1.  I was the one who burnt the coffee.  Novice office coffee maker/drinker.

2.  I was working on a super important presentation for my boss.  He put the edits on hard copy pages and put them in a new, very particular order.  I had the stack on my lap making the edits when suddenly everything slid into a mess on the floor.*  I wish I could have seen my looks of shock, horror, panic, acceptance and finally resolve when this happened.  I'm sure it was Emmy-worthy.  Where is the undo button for things like this, Adobe?!?

*It was fine in the end, btw.

3.  Sometimes people use Comic Sans font for their email signature and/or out of office message.  Sometimes I want to send them this link (but I never do).  We work at a Fortune 500 company for crying out loud!

4.  That smell of Lysol/Clorox by the copier?  It was me.  I like to clean it before I use it.

5.  Coated paper clips are weak and ineffective.  I've been systematically removing them from every place I've worked, as well as the world.  

6.  The "door close" button in the elevator is my favorite button in the elevator.

7.  The person who occasionally eats raw frozen cookie dough out of the freezer?  Me.  Just making sure it's safe for everyone else.  You're welcome!

Bonus:  I have nicknames for pretty much everyone.

Happy Friday!!!


  1. Tell Mr. Bennett that Kyle Blair's wife said hello...

  2. Lol great post--reminds me of the show "The Office". Uhhhh so what's MY nickname?

    1. Ha! Hopefully the pre-James Spader Office. That guy is so creepy! I refer to you as Leslie Barbara Knope because I like to pretend that's how you were when you worked in city government. Ha!!!