Friday, September 28, 2012

7 Confessions: The Office Edition

1.  I was the one who burnt the coffee.  Novice office coffee maker/drinker.

2.  I was working on a super important presentation for my boss.  He put the edits on hard copy pages and put them in a new, very particular order.  I had the stack on my lap making the edits when suddenly everything slid into a mess on the floor.*  I wish I could have seen my looks of shock, horror, panic, acceptance and finally resolve when this happened.  I'm sure it was Emmy-worthy.  Where is the undo button for things like this, Adobe?!?

*It was fine in the end, btw.

3.  Sometimes people use Comic Sans font for their email signature and/or out of office message.  Sometimes I want to send them this link (but I never do).  We work at a Fortune 500 company for crying out loud!

4.  That smell of Lysol/Clorox by the copier?  It was me.  I like to clean it before I use it.

5.  Coated paper clips are weak and ineffective.  I've been systematically removing them from every place I've worked, as well as the world.  

6.  The "door close" button in the elevator is my favorite button in the elevator.

7.  The person who occasionally eats raw frozen cookie dough out of the freezer?  Me.  Just making sure it's safe for everyone else.  You're welcome!

Bonus:  I have nicknames for pretty much everyone.

Happy Friday!!!

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

State Fair of Oklahoma

  • Saturday 9.15:  Met my parents and brother/gf at the Great State Fair of Oklahoma!  
Best thing I ate all day....cinnamon roll!!

Bubba and his lovely girlfriend.

My old roommates.


"B" Model

Lauren enjoying cheese on a stick.  I insisted on taking photos of everyone's food.

Love those bulbs!

Mmmmm!  Dad sipping some lemonade.

Giant Corn!  It was at a roasted corn booth.  I saw a dad with a kid in a stroller.  He was trying to take a pic of the kid holding the corn.  The kid dropped it on the ground and the dad scooped it up, wiped it off and gave it back to him.  So funny!

Burger & Chili Shack, home of the Juicy Lucy.

Hot Doggie - Little hot dogs made for dogs!

The great OKC pumpkins!

One of TWO Sweepstakes ribbons my uncle won for his canning.  There are only five Sweepstakes ribbons given total and he won two!  

Photo with the Great American Spam Championship...nailed it!

Nap time!

Beautiful cow!  She looked so soft.


Today I got some invitations I designed for a customer event.  Have I mentioned how much I love paper?!?  These were printed on some of my very favorite Classic Linen Text Solar White Linen Finish Neenah Paper.  Eeeeeeeeee!  It's possibly better than Christmas when I open things like this and even though I spent the whole afternoon stuffing them in envelopes (and a big thanks to Gina for helping) it was all worth it...because it just was.

"You're Invited" Envelope.  (Please note, you're not actually invited unless you're a restaurant/gas station/prison/school owner.)  These will be hand delivered, which is why there is no space for an address.

Stack of invites.

Box of invites.

Neenah Paper!

Monday, September 10, 2012

Up, Up, Update!

How has it been over a month since my last post?!?  While I can't say precisely why time seems to be flying much too fast for me to keep up with, I can provide a little insight into where my last month has gone:

My days are lost in design and event planning lately.  My last post featured some design work I've been doing.  More recently, I've been designing menus for restaurants across the state.  I love it but feel completely overwhelmed at times.  There are so many to do and I'm only one person.  I feel like I can't give each the time they need to fully be their absolute best.  This bugs me!!  I know I can be obsessive when it comes to design so maybe this is a good, continual lesson for me.  So far, customers (restaurant owners) have been pleased, food has been ordered and tabs have been paid.  The overall objective has been met so I will just keep my door closed and bury myself in the world of layouts, fonts and food descriptions in an effort to keep up.

Party Hat!!

Jovie turned ONE!  She's still such a joy and has such a sharp personality.  She's witty.  And if you met her, you'd know what I am talking about.  My constant companion, she is such a great dog.