Monday, August 6, 2012

Jovie's Eleven Month Update

Photo-heavy update from the last month.  Oh and quick list of new things she's afraid of:  leaves, other dogs' poop, ant hills and the sound of her own bark (like when I play the video at the bottom).  She also doesn't like the heat and puts up a protest when we need to go outside.

Such a sweet face!

Alllllllways alert.

Snug as a bug at the foot of my bed at my mom and dad's house.  She didn't wake up until Isabella (their dog) woke up and started barking.  Isabella ruins everything.

Her favorite spot.

Curled up like a cat and looking embarrassed about it.

On my bed watching me get ready for work.  Her new thing in the mornings.

Taking a break from "playing" with Isabella.

Sunday, August 5, 2012

My Designs Lately

Here is some of what I've been doing lately.  I'm not posting the 50 million forms, vendor layouts, presentations or menus I've been designing.  Though the menus are fun, I stay hungry all the time!  Everything on them sounds delicious and most days I leave work craving a steak.  I try to "candace" everything up and add enthusiasm to things that would typically be boring (i.e. meeting reminders).  My ultimate goal is to make something so interesting to look at, that they keep it up long enough to get the information from it.  Or, so interesting that they are prompted to read it and keep it around for a little while.  

Sales Meeting Reminder.  Incidentally, you all know where I'll be next Friday...

Second reminder for sales meeting next Friday.  Ringmaster illustration by Graphics Fairy.

Cover of a booklet for the Business Review Team.

Reminder for a Customer Contact Event

Not yet released promotion design.  (Tables of info/incentives are added later).

Summer promotion design.  There were tables of info/incentives on this one too.

Because everyone was as excited about the sales meeting as this guy...

Chalkboard doodle sales meeting reminder with emphasis on the early start time.

Supplies on the Fly ad for Oklahoma Restaurateur Magazine.

Another reminder for a Customer Contact Event.  Btw, I don't care for the Hard Rock in Tulsa.

Probably one of my favorite projects: a four-panel bulletin board wall display across from the staff break room.

Invitation for a customer trip.  There was more text/details under "You're Invited" but I can't post it on here.
(note:  proper use of "you're")