Monday, July 2, 2012

Jovie's Ten Month Update

Finally feeling better.  Day 4 of Jovie's recovery.

Jovie limped her way to ten months this past Sunday.  She is getting better every day and is still the happy, lovable dog she's always been, only now she's spayed and is short two toes.

Her recovery is going well.  She's been wanting to play but gets tired quickly.  We take lots of naps and she loves to snuggle and lay on my chest.

Her favorite toy is squeaky Waldo.  I can now say, "Where's Waldo?!?!" and she will go find him.

Rock-a-bye Jovie.  S is such a good lil momma.

She also knows the following phrases and what they mean:
"Cheese!"  -  She runs to the refrigerator for some.  
"Let's go to bed"  -  She gets in her bed in her crate.
"Do you want to go?"  -  She runs to the door and waits for me to put her leash on her.
"Do you need to potty?"  -  She runs to the door and barks if she does.
"Come!"  -  She runs to wherever I am.

And she's very good at "sit" "stay" "lay down" and "shake" though we haven't been doing those much since she has a bum leg at the moment.

Jovie went for a romp with her friend Chloe in the tall weeds and when she emerged, she was covered in hundreds of little burrs.  We spent a solid hour combing, plucking and trimming them out of her fur.

She is currently on an anti-inflammatory and a pain medication...which is how she got hooked on cheese. ;)

Her hair is finally getting thicker and the hair on the back of her head would grow as long as mine if I'd let it.

Snuggling makes everything better.

She outgrew her first collar and had to get a bigger size.  We went with lime green this time.  I keep her old one in my purse.  (crazy dog lady.....I know.)

"Helping" me do some work on the computer.

Next week she gets to go stay with her grandparents for a few days.  I know she will enjoy that and get lots of extra special attention....and food when she visits her great grandparents.  They don't seem to understand, "she doesn't get people food."  Oh well, what are grandparents for?


Also next week, she gets all her stitches out, which also means she will get to stop wearing her special collar.

She still barks at the tv every time a dog comes on or barks.

I'm so relieved she's getting more and more back to herself every day.  And we have a special photo shoot planned for the Fourth of July!

After a trip to the groomers.

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