Saturday, July 28, 2012

Favorite Things Summer Edition

Revlon Just Bitten Kissable Balm Stain

I'm super low maintenance as far as makeup goes.  Not great with techniques and I love sleep so my morning routine needs to be snappy since I'm usually in a rush.  Generally I opt for Carmex for my lips as I'm rushing out the door.  Then I saw a commercial staring Emma Stone that caught my eye and I decided to give this a try.  I went with "Sweetheart Valentine" and I love it (I'm wearing it in a few pictures HERE).  It's bright and summery, not dry like a lot of stains are.  It feels like I'm putting on chap stick.  I like that it's shaped more like a giant eye liner pencil and not a traditional lip stick.  For some reason this is easier for me to use and it smells wonderful. Like a peppermint stick.  So for me, as far as lip stuff goes, it's really all I could ever want.


My parents always plant a garden.  Last year it fizzled out and there were hardly any tomatoes.  So they planted again this year hoping to have a better crop and did they ever!  My mom has sent me numerous photos just like the one above - their dining room table covered in fresh-picked, home-grown tomatoes. They are delicious and definitely taste like summer.  My parents also make salsa.  Oh my word it's delicious!  It's another summer favorite thing and given they've canned so much salsa this summer, it will probably make all future favorite lists.

Beanitos Black Bean Chips

Speaking of salsa, that brings me to my next favorite.  Beanitos Black Bean Chips.  Because the salsa is sooooo delicious, I've been eating a lot of it.  But I don't want to sit around stuffing my face with Lays and Tostitos.  One day I walked into my parent's house and found these sitting on the counter.  These with their salsa are a winning combination AND I found some at Target when I got home.  They are gluten free, high in fiber, high in Omega-3s and have four grams protein per serving.  They corn free and have a low glycemic index.  So while they still have to be eaten in moderation, I don't feel quite as bad about indulging.

Herbalife Herbal Tea Concentrate in Lemon

I started a boot camp at the beginning of July and have been eating healthier.  I also purchased some Herbalife shake mix but I love the Herbal Tea Concentrate in lemon.  I mix with either Cranberry Lime or Lemon Propel and it's both delicious and refreshing.  In the summer I tend to stay thirsty constantly and this is one of my favorite sippers and far better than sweet tea, which is what I used to drink constantly.  I've also mixed it with plain water and it's not bad either.

L'Oreal Sublime Sun Advanced Sunscreen in SPF 30

I wear sunscreen on a daily basis and it's especially necessary in these terrible Oklahoma summers.  This is a great, easy-to-use spray (you do still have to rub it in).  It goes on quickly and doesn't leave a greasy feel.  The protection is great and it's said to be infused with antioxidants like vitamin E and white grape seed that supposedly enhance the benefits of sunscreen.  It offers long lasting protection and is also available in spf 50 as well as special formulas for the face.  And it doesn't have a horrible smell.  Remember, if you're tan, you're toast.  I'll pass on the wrinkles and skin cancer.

The 2012 Summer Olympics

Who doesn't love the Summer Olympics?!?  The tradition, the camaraderie, the competition, the unity-there's nothing else like it.   The opening ceremony did remind me a little of the Hunger Games and was exactly what I pictured a quidditch arena looking like.  But that hill with the tree and the fireworks....WOW!  I think my favorite part of the Olympics are the athletes' stories.  They all have a story.  No story is the same and so very many are inspirational.  I also love the different cultures.  It's all so diverse and interesting.  Excited to see what these games bring and hoping they bring pride and uplifting unity to our nation that seems so jaded and broken lately.  USA! USA! USA!

So these are my favorite summer things.  What are some of yours?!?

(These are my thoughts and opinions.  I was not compensated for any of these.  These items are simply things I like, enjoy and/or find useful.)

Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Uncle Jovie

Happy Independence Day, America!  To celebrate, Jovie and I had a special photo shoot that included an Uncle Sam hat, the pool at my apartment (some of my neighbors were there and one had on a police ankle monitor....pure class up here) and a trip to the river.  You don't get much more american than Jovie this fourth of July, but luckily, there is a photo guide for you below!

I WANT YOU! pet me.
Uncle Sam hat I made for Jovie.

Chillin' like an American icon.

Happy happy happy


She's a natural.
Time for some sun in her new bikini!

She loved laying by the pool.

Her classic sweet face.

Jovie's First Fourth of July!


Such a model (citizen).

Monday, July 2, 2012

Jovie's Ten Month Update

Finally feeling better.  Day 4 of Jovie's recovery.

Jovie limped her way to ten months this past Sunday.  She is getting better every day and is still the happy, lovable dog she's always been, only now she's spayed and is short two toes.

Her recovery is going well.  She's been wanting to play but gets tired quickly.  We take lots of naps and she loves to snuggle and lay on my chest.

Her favorite toy is squeaky Waldo.  I can now say, "Where's Waldo?!?!" and she will go find him.

Rock-a-bye Jovie.  S is such a good lil momma.

She also knows the following phrases and what they mean:
"Cheese!"  -  She runs to the refrigerator for some.  
"Let's go to bed"  -  She gets in her bed in her crate.
"Do you want to go?"  -  She runs to the door and waits for me to put her leash on her.
"Do you need to potty?"  -  She runs to the door and barks if she does.
"Come!"  -  She runs to wherever I am.

And she's very good at "sit" "stay" "lay down" and "shake" though we haven't been doing those much since she has a bum leg at the moment.

Jovie went for a romp with her friend Chloe in the tall weeds and when she emerged, she was covered in hundreds of little burrs.  We spent a solid hour combing, plucking and trimming them out of her fur.

She is currently on an anti-inflammatory and a pain medication...which is how she got hooked on cheese. ;)

Her hair is finally getting thicker and the hair on the back of her head would grow as long as mine if I'd let it.

Snuggling makes everything better.

She outgrew her first collar and had to get a bigger size.  We went with lime green this time.  I keep her old one in my purse.  (crazy dog lady.....I know.)

"Helping" me do some work on the computer.

Next week she gets to go stay with her grandparents for a few days.  I know she will enjoy that and get lots of extra special attention....and food when she visits her great grandparents.  They don't seem to understand, "she doesn't get people food."  Oh well, what are grandparents for?


Also next week, she gets all her stitches out, which also means she will get to stop wearing her special collar.

She still barks at the tv every time a dog comes on or barks.

I'm so relieved she's getting more and more back to herself every day.  And we have a special photo shoot planned for the Fourth of July!

After a trip to the groomers.