Thursday, June 28, 2012

But When We Are Naughty We Pay The Price

Or rather: When you have surgery and won't leave our stitches alone you get a hard e-collar.

Jovie is recovering swimmingly.  Today I had to take the bandages off her feet (the ones covering the toe that was amputated and the dew claw that was removed).  She immediately started licking/chewing on her stitches so we went down the street to the animal ER and got a collar.  Here are the photos.  You can tell she's starting to feel like herself again.  And a bonus surprise at the bottom!!

Feeling ashamed and a good bit of guilt at this point.

Wondering if that cute boy dog that just walked by can see her.


"Can I have some cheese, Mom?"

On her favorite blanket after some cheese and ready to watch TV.

And it's finally here!!!!  The 3x3 foot canvas portrait print for my office.  Life-size Jovie is admiring larger-than-life-size Jovie!!!

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