Thursday, June 28, 2012

But When We Are Naughty We Pay The Price

Or rather: When you have surgery and won't leave our stitches alone you get a hard e-collar.

Jovie is recovering swimmingly.  Today I had to take the bandages off her feet (the ones covering the toe that was amputated and the dew claw that was removed).  She immediately started licking/chewing on her stitches so we went down the street to the animal ER and got a collar.  Here are the photos.  You can tell she's starting to feel like herself again.  And a bonus surprise at the bottom!!

Feeling ashamed and a good bit of guilt at this point.

Wondering if that cute boy dog that just walked by can see her.


"Can I have some cheese, Mom?"

On her favorite blanket after some cheese and ready to watch TV.

And it's finally here!!!!  The 3x3 foot canvas portrait print for my office.  Life-size Jovie is admiring larger-than-life-size Jovie!!!

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Jovie Has Surgeries...and an Injured ACL

Today was Jovie's scheduled appointment to be spayed.  I'd also decided to have her front left dew claw removed because it grows in a circle and is problematic from time to time.  As if those two weren't enough, she has a deformed toe on her back right foot.  I'd only planned to have that claw removed as well but the vet opted to amputate the toe.  This was fine as it had also had some problems in the past also.

Right after we got home.  The ONE leg without a bandage is the one with the ACL injury. :(
This past Sunday night Jovie was playing outside and when she came inside, she had a bad limp.  She couldn't put weight on her back left foot at all.  Though she didn't show any sigh of pain when I held her and moved her leg around or touched it, she couldn't move around on her own without yelping and crying.  Needless to say, after a sleepless night Sunday night (for both of us), I was a wreck Monday and she was still in pain.  I talked to the vet and they told me to bring her in as planned Tuesday morning.  But since I'd spent my sleepless night reading dog forums, this didn't do much to ease my concern.

So sleepy.

They checked her out before her surgery and determined she had an ACL injury.  They didn't think it was torn completely and said it should heal on it's own with time.

On a side note, she is now EIGHT pounds!

Jovie goes to University Animal Hospital and they take great care of her there.  We both love the office staff, vets and office cat.  This office participates in the Best Friends of Pets Spay/Neuter Assistance Program (SNAP).  Depending on your income level, pet and gender, you will only have to pay between $10 and $90 to have your pet spayed or neutered.  More information can be found here.  Or you can call (405) 418-8511 for an application packet.  Just fill out the application, mail it in with your payment and they send you a certificate.  The catch is, you have to use a vet on their approved list.  Jovie's vet was already on the list.  If you don't live in Oklahoma, check on this program in your state.  It's a great program and very simple to complete.  It also saved me about $200.

No idea what that silver stuff is.

When I picked Jovie up, she was sooooooooooo groggy.  We came home and both took a nap.  I soaked and heated her food in some whole milk and fed her.  She doesn't seem to want any water yet.  And I gave her a little cheese - her favorite.  We went outside to potty a few minutes ago and she saw some of her dog friends and wanted to play.  She's not supposed to move around much for seven days and luckily I was holding her so her friends got a good tail wag from her and went on their way.  She's now sleeping again.  Sweet little pup.

So far she hasn't been bothered by her bandages or stitches.  Bandages will be removed on Thursday and her stitches come out in 14 days.  And her injured leg doesn't seem to be bothering her either.  This is probably because she hasn't been walking around (I've been carrying her everywhere) and I opted for her to have the pain shots and meds.  Her doctor also prescribed an anti-inflammatory to help with the ACL injury.

Send lots of love her way!  Time for some more snuggling.  I know we're both ready for her to be back at 100%.

Sunday, June 17, 2012

I'm a Fan

I'm a big fan of my dad.  He's the man I've always been able to depend on and also the man who makes all the other ones seem to come up short.

When I was growing up and we lived in our old house, I had a pair of shoes that I wore almost every day.  These shoes also left scuff marks on the kitchen floor (linoleum).  I thought (or maybe it was my mom) it would be extra fun to leave him a special message when he woke up on Father's Day.  Just call me the Daughter Fairy:

You're welcome!

Happy Father's Day, Papa Elf!  I love you!

Friday, June 15, 2012

My Texas Girls!

I've been meaning to post these for awhile...but to do that I needed to edit them....which I've needed to do for awhile.  I'll have to do a recap post of the last two months but in a word: whirlwind.  Anyway, the main events of this post are Leia and Hannah, my darling second cousins.  Leia is a wee one at only a month old (give or take a day or two) in this photo shoot and precious H is now FOUR!  She's such a happy child and so full of life and love, a true, shining product of her parents and grandparents.  I know Leia will follow in these same footsteps and I can't wait to get back down there to visit again!

"H" is for Happy!

...and Hannah!

Hi, I'm four!

Sweet baby Leia.

This is my favorite.

I know she dreams big things when she sleeps.

So peaceful.

One hot momma!  My cousin, Holly!  Love, love, love her.  Be sure to check out her blog over at Something to Celebrate.