Wednesday, May 2, 2012

National Brothers and Sisters Day

At Cortney's Top 10 Senior Banquet

Not to be confused with National Sibling Day...which is on April 10...which I missed.  National Brother and Sister day was invented by the Kardashian Klan to further sink their claws in an already withering society.  Ha!  No.  I did some research and found....not much.  According to Brothers and Sisters day is a day to cherish your siblings.  They then say, "Sure, there are times when you love your brothers and sisters.  And there's times when you want to disown them.  All in all, having a brother and sister or two is invaluable.  The older you get, the more you learn to appreciate them."  So I can honestly say I've never wanted to disown my brother or sister.    

Christmas 2006 (I think)

"Celebrate Brothers and Sisters Day by touching them in some way."  HUH?  I'll just have to cherish mine from afar.  And in honor of them and today, I thought I'd share a few stories about them and us growing up:

  • As my sister and I are only 11 months apart and both girls, we had a head start on bonding.  My brother is four years younger than I am so there was a bit of a gap but he grew so fast the three of us were quickly the same size.  This worked out well for many activities....including dress up.  My cousin, Holly, who may as well have been our other sister gave us lots of clothes-including dress up clothes.  It was always like Christmas when she sent clothes to us.  Bubba soon found himself in a sassy black velvet princess cut with indigo satin full skirt and netting underneath.  Then came the pearls.  All was fun until Dad found out.  Not so fun after that and Bubba has never put on another dress.
At another banquet and with Jeremy!
  • My dad worked for a text book company when I was little and one day brought home a huge binder full of sample wedding stationary (invitations, envelopes, RSVPs, etc.).  Looking back, this could have been one of the most magical days of my life.  I loved paper at an early age and this had hundreds of samples in it.  Also, this could have been some major foreshadowing for my career path later in life.  Holly came over and she, Cortney and I all sat up late at night while Holly read the invitations aloud.  She'd do a particular voice and then we'd all fall over laughing.  Marriage was just sooooooooooooo funny.  Of course when you're little, you want to see something with your name on it.  Lucky for me, there was a Candace in the book.  It was spelled "Candice" but it was still my name.  Not so lucky for me, the man she was marrying was named "George" which as everyone knows is a totally undesirable name when you're a little girl.  Ha!  We always laughed the hardest at that one.

After one of Bubba's basketball games with Holly
  • One of the things I love most about my parents is how creative they were.  My dad would bring home huge filing cabinet boxes for us to play in.  We would climb in and out, color on it, all three stand inside it, it became a fort, then a slide and when we'd finally beat the poor cardboard box back to the pulp it was in a former life, we would solemnly throw it out.  They would also get these big truck loads of dirt for us to play in.  I know you're jealous about that one.  My brother enjoyed this the most.  He would make trails for his toy cars and trucks, we'd play king of the hill and dig tunnels that my mom wouldn't let us crawl through in case it collapsed on us but were still really cool.  They gave us the raw materials and we brought the imagination.  To this day I still have one of the most active imaginations of anyone I know.  It's a gift and a curse...but mostly a gift.
Bubba's high school graduation.

OSU Research Day
  • My sister, Cortney, is the most tender-hearted person you will ever meet.  She loves people and animals.  As a child, she would watch Bambi on an almost daily basis until she literally wore out the VHS.  She would make her hands look like little baby deer hooves and knowingly show us how Bambie walks.  She would tear up when (spoiler alert) Bambie's mom got shot and his mean old dad he hardly knew made him get up and run from the fire.  "GET UP, BAMBIE!"  Her other favorite thing was horses (ok, and littlest pet shop).  But she loved to pretend she was a horse.  She'd get my brother in on this a lot of times.  What was my role you ask?  I was the horse owner.  Sometimes I was the abusive owner.  Not one of my proudest moments but always funny and entertaining.  
At Cortney's Top 10 Freshman Reception

  • One time my dad found a nest of wild rabbits in the pasture.  He brought them to the house and put them in a pet carrier.  I wanted a closer look so I put on his work gloves - because according to my mom everything carries disease and I certainly didn't want that thank you very much - and proceeded to get one out to hold.  Cortney was also in the back yard.  The rabbit got away and the cat pounced.  I'm pretty sure she'd been sitting, watching and waiting for this to happen.  When rabbits are in pain, they make this horrible squealing noise.  It's safe to say this rabbit was in a lot of pain.  Cortney realized what was going on, dropped what she was doing and started wailing.  I was skipping around like an idiot - not happy about what was happening but definitely seeing the humor in everything happening.
Another banquet...

Always stand by a statue.

Roar and antlers.

My dad's parents lived on Wilmar Farm for a long time when we were kids.  That farm was the best.  If you were sick, you got to go stay with them instead of go to school and they kept us during the summer too.  We rode the bicycle, played in the barn with the cats or in the basement of the house where my grandma stored her canning and best of all, played in the creek that ran the perimeter of the property.  One evening, Holly and my mom were there too and we all had a big mud fight.  Possibly one of the funnest things to ever take place at the creek.
So we hit the banquet circuit pretty hard for about a solid year.  The joys of having a genius sister.

At the movies
  • Another favorite past time of mine is scaring people.  There's something so fun and rewarding about jumping out from somewhere and the other person being terrified.  One night my mom and I were in my room watching Gothika.  My dad and brother went outside and at the exact moment the movie was at the peak point of suspense, they banged on the window.  My mom and I bailed out of bed, screaming and then paralyzed with fear until we figured out what had happened.  And when our hearts returned to their normal pace and we had changed our pants, we all had a good laugh about that.
OSU Basketball game.  Bubba has beads in his beard!!!

Our house in Stillwater.

The three of us had such a fun time growing up.  To this day I miss living with them.  There was always someone to hang out with, always something to do.  From the secrets and experiences we share to the bond we will always have, I love them and am so thankful they are mine.

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