Tuesday, May 1, 2012

April Recap

Another month has flown by and it seems I have less and less time to write.  Every day I'm loving Norman more and more and it finally, officially feels like my home.  I know where things are.  I don't have to use my phone's map feature for the most basic of places and I have friends and a social life again.  Life is good and I'm so very happy to be living mine.

April has been an especially fantastic month.  No huge reason alone...things have just been good. Settle in for the rundown and a few photos:

I had my evaluation at work.  Many of you know I was supposed to have this in March (and was really excited about it) but then got the dreaded flu and had to reschedule (which I was really upset about).  But everything went very well.

Pink from JP and yellow from Laura.
I got flowers at work from both JP (my boss) and Laura.  Laura works next door and is the director of the union as well as a great friend and has the greenest thumb of anyone I've ever met.  She picked the flowers from one of her rose bushes.  (Laura's daughter, S, is Jovie's BFF.  You've seen her HERE and in the photos below.)

S and Jovie going down the slide, both in their summer dresses.

Just a girl and her dog friend in the kid jungle.

A couple of days after work I got to pick S up from daycare.  We went to Hobby Lobby, picked up Jovie, went to PetSmart to get Jovie a dress, went to the park, picked up dinner at Taco Loco (the local taco trailer...and S's pick!) and then took her home where we had a tea party and jumped on the trampoline.  Nothing wears me out like kids do.  I was so tired when I got home, as was Jovie.

Precious baby L.

My cousin had a beautiful baby girl!  This is girl #2 for her and her husband.  You've seen them all HERE when she was preggers.  My sister and I are going to visit this weekend so be on the lookout for another photoshoot post - this time with a family of FOUR!

Flour clouds.

My transmission had to be replaced due to issues stemming from the wreck I had in January.  It's been such a long process to get it fixed - from body work to the broken suspension and now the transmission, which took two weeks alone to complete.  Luckily, the owner of the table who hit me had insurance and they paid to have everything repaired.  Now the little magic car is good as new and I'm happy to have her back.

With Jill and Deb on the staff retreat.

The third week of April we had a staff retreat.  I enjoy those.  It's always nice to spend time as an office.

OU Stadium just after the bad storm.

So his is a little bigger than mine...

On Friday the 13th, we had a club event...and a bad storm.  People were here from many other states and enjoyed leadership sessions during the day.  That evening we had a Switzer Family Vineyards wine tasting with Barry Switzer at the Switzer Center.  I was on my way over with all the wine when Jennifer called me and told me there was a tornado on the ground on 24th and Lindsey....which is very near my apartment....which is where Jovie was.  Luckily my apartment complex wasn't hit but the street near where I live was and all the power lines were out.  I didn't have electricity the entire weekend but other than that everything was fine - even Jovie.  Our event went on as planned after some weather-related glitches and everyone seemed to have a good time.  P.S. I'm in love with Barry.

Angel Fountain

I want to ride my...


George Lynn Cross

The Shield and the Stallion

Good Lady Neustadt

I'm obsessed with these faces on the library.

The Seven Wonders

Class of 2007 gift...I think. class if I had gone here. :)

Peace, Anger, Joy
This month I've also been able to shoot photos around campus for our office and have LOVED it.  OU's campus is beautiful and the Cherokee Gothic architecture is my favorite feature.

The world couldn't handle another Timmons lady....that's why we have a baby brother.
Best Sisters!

This past Saturday I made the trip to Stillwater for the Oklahoma FCCLA Alumni board meeting.  I always enjoy these meetings and even had time to stop by an estate sale where I found a beautiful cake stand for my mom for Mother's Day.  She really likes cake stands.  This probably ruins the surprise.  Sorry, mom.

Then Saturday night, I saw the Five-Year Engagement.  So funny.  I laughed the whole time.  And there's April!

And here's some cookies I made:

Cowboy Cookies.

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