Sunday, March 11, 2012

Rachel Got Married!

And I got to design her wedding invitations!

I meant to post this sooner.  Really, it was negligent of me but I'm getting it up now!  Rachel, who I affectionally refer to as "Pocky" occasionally, is a dear high school friend.  Her nickname comes from our cheerleading days.

She's an original.  You will never meet another person like Rachel.  She's hilarious, beautiful, quirky and fun-you can't help but love her immediately.  So when she asked me to design her wedding invitations I was THRILLED!  I knew she would have great ideas.  I'm including the questionnaire I sent her and her responses below:

1.  What are your wedding colors?  Champagne, black, dusty rose, and golds and brass as accents

2.  What is your wedding theme? Victorian/vintage 
3.  What are a few of your favorite things? (ex: lace, flowers, flourishes,  etc.) lace, dried flowers, bird houses, birds, pearls

4.  What size invitation would you like? (ex: tall/slim, square, rectangle, etc.) GIANT hexagon, just kidding… I suppose a standard rectangle.

5.  How many invitations do you need? I think 200 - 250

6.  Double or single envelope? Huh? What does that even mean?

7.  Do you want a photo incorporated? Nah

8.  Do you want any sort of ribbon or embellishment? No, I’d prefer them to be more simple.

Her responses to numbers four and six made me laugh.  I also asked her about specific wedding details (her full name, his full name, wedding date, time and location, reception details, invitation budget and we discussed invitation wording.)  Rachel did a great job of providing me with additional information:

Additional Information: (anything else you'd like to include that I might have missed!)

We are decorating with dried flowers/potpourri, crème candles that have ivory lace and pearl embellishments, and Victorian looking bird houses, and bird cages, and crème and taupe colored ceramic doves. The overall feel of the reception will be Victorian elegance so I hope that my invitations can hint on that feel. Does this make since I feel like I’m babbling on about goofy stuff.

As a designer, it's sooooooooo nice when a bride has a clear idea of what she'd like to see.  It makes the actual design process tremendously easier.  So based on what Rachel gave me, I initially sent her three options.  She and Michael chose one and we went from there.  Here is the finished product (invitation, RSVP card and envelope):

Wedding Invitation

Wedding RSVP

The envelopes were a rich, brown metallic.  She hand-wrote addresses with a white paint pen.  They were stunning.

The goal was to incorporate the wedding color scheme and themes so the invitations would coordinate perfectly with the rest of the wedding.  After all, the invitation is the first glimpse of the wedding your guests see and they set the tone for your event.  I'm also a firm believer that any invitation should be as unique as the person sending it out.  If you'd like to see photos from her big day, click here.

And if you need something designed, I'd love to be your designer!  Send me an email for more information.

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