Sunday, March 4, 2012

Bird Nest Candy Dish Tutorial

I was hosting a baby shower with a bird theme and thought I'd make some nest candy dishes.  Here is the how-to is you'd like to make some!

You will need:

  • a paper shredder
  • brown paper (or newspaper or wrapping paper or a magazine-any kind of paper you want)
  • plastic wrap
  • one bottle clear glue
  • hot glue gun and glue sticks
  • doilies
  • bowls

You won't need:

Jovie wanted to help.  I just used the paper I had around the house.  Brown paper sacks and craft paper.
Plastic wrap and glue.
I used six inch doilies.

You'll notice none of my bowls match.  That is because none of my dinnerware matches.  With all the pretty dishes out there, why choose only one?  I do stick to white, ivory and cream colors for the most part.  The clear bowl is more for storage.

Step One:  Flip your bowls over.

 Step Two:  Cover the bowls in plastic wrap.

Step Three:  Mix equal parts glue and water.  One bottle glue and then use the bottle to measure the water.  Mix.

glue/water mixture

Step Four:  Shred your paper.  Then dip in glue/water mixture.  Place on bowl until it's covered.  This will get a little messy and the paper-covered bowl will be wet and soggy.  Do not panic!

Shredded paper
Dip paper in mixture.
Cover bowl.
Wet and soggy, just like it should be.

Step Five:  Grab more shredded paper and press on the bowl.  These will not need to be dipped in the glue mixture.  They will stick to the pieces that have already been dipped and give the nice "nest" look.  The wet part will dry and hold the bowl's shape.

Dry shredded paper pressed on bowls.

Step Six:  Let dry.  I let mine dry for two days total.  Dry one day like the photo above.

Step Seven:  Take the nests off the bowls.  Gently peal the plastic wrap off.  Let them dry one day like this.

Nest off the bowl.
Nest without the plastic wrap.
My four little nests!

Step Eight:  Line each bowl with a doily.  I used about four drops of hot glue on each to secure.

Sorry, this was the best photo I got with the doily.

Step Nine:  Fill with the candy of your choice and get the party started!

Nest candy dish at the baby shower.
I chose Reese's Pieces Pastel Eggs because they had the exact colors for our shower.  
Also, they were in egg shape.  How perfect is that?
Deborah was playing with the decorations but it works. :)

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