Saturday, March 3, 2012

Jovie's Six Month Update

That's right!  She is .5 years old!  We've settled in to a steady, comfortable routine and her potty training is excellent.  In the past month, she's had several "firsts."  First trip to the groomers, first snow, first puppy school graduation, first time house/dog sitting with me and first Valentine's Day.  She seems to get more and more energy the older she gets but I believe she is finished growing.

My little Cupid!

Now that the weather has been nicer, we've been going to the dog park more.  She has the most fun when other dogs are there, though she makes her own fun if they aren't.  There's a playground next to the dog park and she's fascinated with kids.  Her favorite kids are my friend Laura's kids-especially her baby girl, S.

This is Jesse.  She is the dog we stayed with for a few days.  Jovie was creeping in her photo.  Jesse is the BEST dog.  Jovie jumps all over her and Jesse is kind and gentle at all times.
This is Jovie's little bff, S.  Jovie LOVES her and I'm fairly sure she feels the same.

She's barking at everything.  Everything.  It drives me crazy.  I'm hoping it's just a phase.  Of course, she'll bark and then look up at me sheepishly, which is irresistible.  Occasionally she'll bark in the middle of the night.  Scares the breath out of me.  Silly girl.  We're going to have to work on the barking.  Tips, anyone???

Little paw prints in the snow.

Jovie's first snow.  She did not enjoy it.  Shortly after this pic was taken she darted back inside.

She loves dryer sheets when they come out of the dryer with the laundry.  LOVES THEM!  After she plays with one, she'll climb up on my chest and put her paw on my nose.  It smells good, like a laundry sheet.  Also, any time I sneeze she runs to check on me.  She seems concerned and it is precious.

She's gotten really good at playing fetch.  She brings me her ball or her squeaky chicken on a daily basis.

This particular ball is her favorite and was a gift for Valentine's Day.

She's wanted to chew on paper a lot lately.  I now have to be careful not to leave any out where she can reach it, which has proved to be difficult because, if you know me or read my Violet and Grey blog, you know how I feel about paper. :)

When I work on projects at the bar, most of the time she stays right by me under my stool.  Sweet little dear.

Also this month, one of her ears flipped over her head, almost like an eye patch.  No matter what I do, it wouldn't go back to the side.  I talked to the trainer and she said it could be teething.  Here's hoping that's all it is.

Before her trip to the groomer and you can see her ear flipped up.

I can't imagine having any other dog.  She is my perfect little match and I so enjoy having her around.  I can only hope she enjoys my company as well.  

The laundry basket is her other favorite place when I'm working on projects.  She is sooooooo sleepy in this photo.

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