Saturday, March 31, 2012

He's One of the Good Ones

Most know him as Caleb but me and my sister (and our high school English teacher) know him as Bubba.  You see, she had both my sister and me in class and heard us refer to him as "Bubba" for two years in a row so when she had him, that's what she called him too.  We love her.  She's a good one too.

His birthday was yesterday and I could go on and on about how wonderful he is but I'll show you some of my favorite photos of him instead.  Oh, and a video.  I love my baby brother and how he's always hilarious even when he doesn't mean to be.  Happy Birthday!

Baby blue leisure suit and a cowhide chair.

Up, up, up in the fire truck bucket.

Some baseball game...which is clearly not our favorite sport.

The photo that started it all...or at least appeared on ABC World News.

He doesn't always wear blue leisure suits but when he does, he likes to have a photo shoot.

One day Jovie and I went to visit Bubba at the fire station.  In this video he was showing me how people in dog shows show their dogs.  He was in his fireman outfit and at the end he stops because some other firemen walked out.  Ha!

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