Sunday, March 4, 2012

Bird Theme Baby Shower

UPDATE (09-18-2013): Chirps of Advice Templates available for download here:

Yay! This was such a fun shower for such a great friend.  I'll hit the highlights in this photo-heavy post!  We used a pastel blue, pink, yellow and green color scheme (as they don't yet know the sex of the baby) and the overall theme was birds.  Baby bird nest cupcakes, bird nest candy dishes, egg food tags, chirps of advice, bird get the idea. Oh and we had this baby shower in the morning, hence the breakfast food.  Enjoy!

The Food:

Fruit, mini cinnamon rolls, chips and spinach dip, mini quiche

Mini cinnamon rolls.  For a tutorial on the egg food tags, click here.

the fruit was delicious!

baby bird cupcakes!

These were from BobbiCakes.  To see her website, click here.  She is amazing.

Cupcake stand.

The best punch in the world, OJ and ice water

The Decorations:

My "baby" sign!

Baby bird

And another

Jennifer, a good friend and coworker, made this amazing diaper cake!

Baby giraffe topper

Table decor

Bird nest candy dish.  For a tutorial on how to make these, click here.

Jennifer found these cuties at Target.  We used them as weights for the balloons.

Chirps of advice - people filled these out with their favorite child-rearing tips.
These were so fun!  If you'd like the template, email me or leave a comment below.

Then we pinned them up.  The birds were in the four shower colors.

KD and OU...a winning combination ;)

Too cute!

Advice line

Baby balloons!  Funny story about that little guy, btw.  I had him (her?) in the apartment and Jovie wouldn't stop barking.  I thought if she sniffed it it might help so I grabbed it and walked toward her.  She was TERRIFIED.  Darted under the bed and wouldn't come out until it was hidden in the laundry room.  After I put her to bed I got it out so I wouldn't forget it in the morning.  But when I got her up in the morning, she saw it and immediately started trembling.  Ha!  I mean, poor Jovie.  I put it in my car.

The Fire (yes, you read that correctly):

What good baby shower doesn't have a fire?  This wasn't planned, obviously, but as with any event, something is bound to go wrong.  This was no match for a cup of water and a generous pat down. All was well minus a few chips and that tablecloth.

The Gifts:

gift table
That's about it.  What a fun shower!


  1. Beautiful... you are amazing!!

  2. It was so great and I appreciated all the little details and special touches! Thank you Thank you Thank you!!! - Lea Ann

  3. I would love a template of the chirps of advice paper! I am in charge of a bird theme baby shower and love the idea!

    1. Sure, Jasmine! I'd love to share. You can email me at and I'll send them or comment your email address and I'll send. Thanks!

  4. Hi! The shower pictures look beautiful. I am attempting to do the baby bird theme with my sister's shower and would love if you sent to me the chirps of advice template.
    Thank you!