Saturday, March 31, 2012

He's One of the Good Ones

Most know him as Caleb but me and my sister (and our high school English teacher) know him as Bubba.  You see, she had both my sister and me in class and heard us refer to him as "Bubba" for two years in a row so when she had him, that's what she called him too.  We love her.  She's a good one too.

His birthday was yesterday and I could go on and on about how wonderful he is but I'll show you some of my favorite photos of him instead.  Oh, and a video.  I love my baby brother and how he's always hilarious even when he doesn't mean to be.  Happy Birthday!

Baby blue leisure suit and a cowhide chair.

Up, up, up in the fire truck bucket.

Some baseball game...which is clearly not our favorite sport.

The photo that started it all...or at least appeared on ABC World News.

He doesn't always wear blue leisure suits but when he does, he likes to have a photo shoot.

One day Jovie and I went to visit Bubba at the fire station.  In this video he was showing me how people in dog shows show their dogs.  He was in his fireman outfit and at the end he stops because some other firemen walked out.  Ha!

Friday, March 23, 2012

Hunger Games Movie Review

It's finally here!  The Hunger Games movie.  I got to see it today!  Without further delay, this post will mostly be a......rave!  I thoroughly enjoyed the movie.  If you've been reading the blog, you saw all the casting posts and my thoughts on them.  While Jennifer Lawrence still would not have been my first pick for Katniss (her face is just too full for someone from the Seam) she did do a remarkable job.

Some observations from book to movie (these are my opinions - not law - just what I think) There are no spoilers unless you haven't read the book:

  • When Katniss and Gale are in the woods at the beginning, they see a hover craft in the movie.  I suppose this was to illustrate the Capitol because right after that it cuts to a shot of Effie.  
  • HELLO, EFFIE!  Elizabeth Banks was phenomenal.  As was Woody as Haymitch.  And Lenny as Cinna.    
  • Back to the woods.  I just had a real hangup with this whole woods scene.  Katniss and Gale's relationship seemed a tad forced and not nearly as natural as the script was getting at.  Also, Katniss was trying to take out a deer and then Gale stops her.  Deer was never mentioned in the book, that I remember anyway.  And Gale had a valid point, how is she going to haul a 115 pound deer back to town and trade for it on the day of the Reaping.  Silly movie Katniss.
  • Buttercup was terrible!  He was black and white in the movie.  That doesn't make sense.  They couldn't at least find a yellow cat?!?
  • There was no Madge in the movie.  I really wanted to see a Madge.  Madge was supposed to give her the Mockingjay pin.  She wasn't supposed to be given it for free at the Hob and then give it to Prim and then Prim give it back to her.  IT WAS SUPPOSED TO COME FROM MADGE!  In the book I liked that it came from Madge because she was the Mayor's daughter and, I don't know, just saw it as a whole other level of rebellion.  Like the fact that the Mayor's daughter had it to begin with was a slap to the face of the Capitol.
  • President Snow was downright terrifying in the movie.  Nicely done, Donald Sutherland.
  • In the movie, Haymitch wasn't at the reaping.  There was no spectacle.
  • Other than no Haymitch at the Reaping, that part was basically right on.  It was intense and moving.
  • OMG the scene where Rue dies.  I'm not ashamed to say I shed a few tears.  It got to me more than I thought that part would.  Especially since I knew it was coming!  Also during that part, my brother-in-law Jeremy got up and we all accused him of it being too much for him.  He said he didn't want everyone to see him cry.  Ha!  
  • I would have liked to have gotten to know the other Districts better in the movie.  Like what district produces what, but only because I find those types of things interesting. 
  • The people of the Capitol looked EXACTLY the way I pictured them.
  • Stanley Tucci is the perfect Caesar Flickerman...even though he told Chelsea Handler his fiance told him to take the part and he has no interest in this type of book at all.  Score one for the fiance.
  • In the book I was team Gale and in the movie I'm team Peeta. :(  I'm so torn.  But Josh Hutcherson was so convincing and gave such an earnest performance and I still see Liam Hemsworth as a dumb jock. 
  • Loved the Tracker Jacker scene.
  • Maybe it's just morbid curiosity, but I wanted to see the hover craft come and collect the bodies and they didn't in the movie.
  • Also in the movie, it wasn't clear that the dog mutations were fallen Tributes.
  • One thing I loved about the movie was that it showed what was going on back home while Katniss and Peeta were in the games.  It also shows the game's control center.  Fantastic, futuristic electronics.  The inner workings I found interesting.
  • It wasn't as gory as I thought it would be.
  • We watched it on the IMAX and at times it was hard to see exactly what was happening because the screen was so big.  I definitely want to see it again on a smaller screen or sitting farther back.
So that's my initial take on it.  I thought it was an amazing adaptation and can't wait to see the other two. Let the casting for Catching Fire begin!  

Thursday, March 22, 2012

March Update

With Quinton Carter, Denver Broncos free safety and OU alum.  He was one of the sports headliners.
March of Dimes Sports Headliner Banquet
Was it for an excellent cause?  Yes.  Am I happy to work for an organization that supports such a cause in a major way?  Yes.  Was this banquet the most poorly produced event I've ever attended? Yes.  Though awkward at times on stage, it was entertaining and a great evening with good friends.

With Chris Harrison, MC of the event and current host of The Bachelor/Bachelorette.  

Then I got the flu and feel like I lost a good week.  I missed my performance evaluation.  Eeeek!  If you know me, you already know how upset I was over this but not to worry, it's been rescheduled for the 27th and my boss is awesome and completely understanding and also we didn't want anyone else in the office to get the flu - and no one else has.  Whew!  Poor Jovie had to mostly live in her crate during this time.  I could hardly take care of myself much less a dog.  Not a proud moment for me as a dog mom but we made it.

Tomorrow my mom, dad, sister and brother-in-law are coming to see the Hunger Games with me!  Bubba was supposed to come also but now he has to work.  I asked him if his bosses knew the Hunger Games comes out tomorrow and he said they must not.  Clearly.  I reread the Hunger Games book in preparation for the movie.  Dad did too.

Mom and Bubba's birthdays are coming up next week!!

Jovie wrapped in mom's (not quite finished) scarf.  The colors work for the Byng Pirates OR Gryffindor.
I knitted mom a scarf.  Yes, I know winter is over but I've recently had time on my hands.

And this is a piece I just finished for Cortney and Jeremy.  The heart is over Mulhall/Stillwater....I hope..

Sunday, March 11, 2012

Rachel Got Married!

And I got to design her wedding invitations!

I meant to post this sooner.  Really, it was negligent of me but I'm getting it up now!  Rachel, who I affectionally refer to as "Pocky" occasionally, is a dear high school friend.  Her nickname comes from our cheerleading days.

She's an original.  You will never meet another person like Rachel.  She's hilarious, beautiful, quirky and fun-you can't help but love her immediately.  So when she asked me to design her wedding invitations I was THRILLED!  I knew she would have great ideas.  I'm including the questionnaire I sent her and her responses below:

1.  What are your wedding colors?  Champagne, black, dusty rose, and golds and brass as accents

2.  What is your wedding theme? Victorian/vintage 
3.  What are a few of your favorite things? (ex: lace, flowers, flourishes,  etc.) lace, dried flowers, bird houses, birds, pearls

4.  What size invitation would you like? (ex: tall/slim, square, rectangle, etc.) GIANT hexagon, just kidding… I suppose a standard rectangle.

5.  How many invitations do you need? I think 200 - 250

6.  Double or single envelope? Huh? What does that even mean?

7.  Do you want a photo incorporated? Nah

8.  Do you want any sort of ribbon or embellishment? No, I’d prefer them to be more simple.

Her responses to numbers four and six made me laugh.  I also asked her about specific wedding details (her full name, his full name, wedding date, time and location, reception details, invitation budget and we discussed invitation wording.)  Rachel did a great job of providing me with additional information:

Additional Information: (anything else you'd like to include that I might have missed!)

We are decorating with dried flowers/potpourri, crème candles that have ivory lace and pearl embellishments, and Victorian looking bird houses, and bird cages, and crème and taupe colored ceramic doves. The overall feel of the reception will be Victorian elegance so I hope that my invitations can hint on that feel. Does this make since I feel like I’m babbling on about goofy stuff.

As a designer, it's sooooooooo nice when a bride has a clear idea of what she'd like to see.  It makes the actual design process tremendously easier.  So based on what Rachel gave me, I initially sent her three options.  She and Michael chose one and we went from there.  Here is the finished product (invitation, RSVP card and envelope):

Wedding Invitation

Wedding RSVP

The envelopes were a rich, brown metallic.  She hand-wrote addresses with a white paint pen.  They were stunning.

The goal was to incorporate the wedding color scheme and themes so the invitations would coordinate perfectly with the rest of the wedding.  After all, the invitation is the first glimpse of the wedding your guests see and they set the tone for your event.  I'm also a firm believer that any invitation should be as unique as the person sending it out.  If you'd like to see photos from her big day, click here.

And if you need something designed, I'd love to be your designer!  Send me an email for more information.

Sunday, March 4, 2012

Bird Theme Baby Shower

UPDATE (09-18-2013): Chirps of Advice Templates available for download here:

Yay! This was such a fun shower for such a great friend.  I'll hit the highlights in this photo-heavy post!  We used a pastel blue, pink, yellow and green color scheme (as they don't yet know the sex of the baby) and the overall theme was birds.  Baby bird nest cupcakes, bird nest candy dishes, egg food tags, chirps of advice, bird get the idea. Oh and we had this baby shower in the morning, hence the breakfast food.  Enjoy!

The Food:

Fruit, mini cinnamon rolls, chips and spinach dip, mini quiche

Mini cinnamon rolls.  For a tutorial on the egg food tags, click here.

the fruit was delicious!

baby bird cupcakes!

These were from BobbiCakes.  To see her website, click here.  She is amazing.

Cupcake stand.

The best punch in the world, OJ and ice water

The Decorations:

My "baby" sign!

Baby bird

And another

Jennifer, a good friend and coworker, made this amazing diaper cake!

Baby giraffe topper

Table decor

Bird nest candy dish.  For a tutorial on how to make these, click here.

Jennifer found these cuties at Target.  We used them as weights for the balloons.

Chirps of advice - people filled these out with their favorite child-rearing tips.
These were so fun!  If you'd like the template, email me or leave a comment below.

Then we pinned them up.  The birds were in the four shower colors.

KD and OU...a winning combination ;)

Too cute!

Advice line

Baby balloons!  Funny story about that little guy, btw.  I had him (her?) in the apartment and Jovie wouldn't stop barking.  I thought if she sniffed it it might help so I grabbed it and walked toward her.  She was TERRIFIED.  Darted under the bed and wouldn't come out until it was hidden in the laundry room.  After I put her to bed I got it out so I wouldn't forget it in the morning.  But when I got her up in the morning, she saw it and immediately started trembling.  Ha!  I mean, poor Jovie.  I put it in my car.

The Fire (yes, you read that correctly):

What good baby shower doesn't have a fire?  This wasn't planned, obviously, but as with any event, something is bound to go wrong.  This was no match for a cup of water and a generous pat down. All was well minus a few chips and that tablecloth.

The Gifts:

gift table
That's about it.  What a fun shower!

Bird Nest Candy Dish Tutorial

I was hosting a baby shower with a bird theme and thought I'd make some nest candy dishes.  Here is the how-to is you'd like to make some!

You will need:

  • a paper shredder
  • brown paper (or newspaper or wrapping paper or a magazine-any kind of paper you want)
  • plastic wrap
  • one bottle clear glue
  • hot glue gun and glue sticks
  • doilies
  • bowls

You won't need:

Jovie wanted to help.  I just used the paper I had around the house.  Brown paper sacks and craft paper.
Plastic wrap and glue.
I used six inch doilies.

You'll notice none of my bowls match.  That is because none of my dinnerware matches.  With all the pretty dishes out there, why choose only one?  I do stick to white, ivory and cream colors for the most part.  The clear bowl is more for storage.

Step One:  Flip your bowls over.

 Step Two:  Cover the bowls in plastic wrap.

Step Three:  Mix equal parts glue and water.  One bottle glue and then use the bottle to measure the water.  Mix.

glue/water mixture

Step Four:  Shred your paper.  Then dip in glue/water mixture.  Place on bowl until it's covered.  This will get a little messy and the paper-covered bowl will be wet and soggy.  Do not panic!

Shredded paper
Dip paper in mixture.
Cover bowl.
Wet and soggy, just like it should be.

Step Five:  Grab more shredded paper and press on the bowl.  These will not need to be dipped in the glue mixture.  They will stick to the pieces that have already been dipped and give the nice "nest" look.  The wet part will dry and hold the bowl's shape.

Dry shredded paper pressed on bowls.

Step Six:  Let dry.  I let mine dry for two days total.  Dry one day like the photo above.

Step Seven:  Take the nests off the bowls.  Gently peal the plastic wrap off.  Let them dry one day like this.

Nest off the bowl.
Nest without the plastic wrap.
My four little nests!

Step Eight:  Line each bowl with a doily.  I used about four drops of hot glue on each to secure.

Sorry, this was the best photo I got with the doily.

Step Nine:  Fill with the candy of your choice and get the party started!

Nest candy dish at the baby shower.
I chose Reese's Pieces Pastel Eggs because they had the exact colors for our shower.  
Also, they were in egg shape.  How perfect is that?
Deborah was playing with the decorations but it works. :)