Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Seven Confessions

1.  I am totally, completely, inexplicably obsessed with sweet tea.

2.  I think Jovie is cuter than most babies.

3.  I tend to hold improper use of its and it's, there, their and they're and your and you're against people when they use them wrong, except for my brother.  God love him.

4.  I'm not going to my 10-year high school reunion.

5.  I don't listen to voicemails left on my cell phone.  Ever.

6.  The first thing I do when I get home is check the shower, closets and laundry room to make sure no one is hiding in there (note the proper use).

7.  I crave cake on a daily basis.  Friday I gave in and baked a yellow sheet cake with dark chocolate icing.  By Monday morning it was gone.  In my defense, that's pretty much all I ate all weekend.  Don't judge me.


  1. This post is why I love you so much.! Here are my comments based on your confessions:
    #2: Please don't tell me if you think Jovie is cuter than Leia
    #3: Me too. Its so annoying ;-)
    #4: Neither did I and I don't feel scarred.
    #5: Note to self...don't leave voicemails for Candace.
    #6: Might want to add "under the bed" to this list.
    #7: I wish you lived closer so we could have eaten cake together all weekend. That sounds delicious.

    1. LOL These comments were my fave comments ever! Here are my responses based on your comments:
      #1: I notice you didn't have anything to say to this. I almost included when we were watching tv at your house and we saw a metal detector commercial and I had to confess my love of them to you then and you were in total and utter shock. I still laugh about that.
      #2: Leia will be cuter than Jovie.
      #3: Bahahahahaha
      #4: Yeah, I don't think I will either. Perhaps we should plan events with each other during the times those are happening.
      #5: In the words of Bubba, "my ear gets hot"
      #6: I could take anyone who can fit under my bed. There is a very small opening so they'd have to be tiny.
      #7: YESSSSSSSSS! Trust me when I say I needed someone to share with. It wasn't pretty.

      LOVE YOU!!!