Monday, February 13, 2012

Puppy Valentines!

I was making Valentines for my coworkers and decided Jovie's classmates in puppy school should enjoy some as well.  For work I made white chocolate covered pretzels but clearly that wouldn't work for puppies.  So for them I picked up some cookie treats and rawhide bones at Petco.  The cookies are kind of amazing.  They look and smell like people cookies.  And if I were being completely honest, I'd tell you they even taste like people cookies...because I ate one...of each.  I'm not proud but the chocolate tasted like chocolate!  Jovie loves them also.

If you want a pillow box template to make your own treats, click here.  Enjoy!

The puppy treats!  Rawhide bones and very realistic cookies.

Packaged (in sandwich size ziplocs) and ready to go.

My custom pillow boxes.

Pillow boxes filled with puppy treats.

Finished with tulle bows!

Have I mentioned I love Valentine's Day...and puppies...and pillow boxes?

So cute!

Puppy Love

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