Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Jovie's Five Month Update

We've done lots of things this past month but mostly Jovie has GROWN!  While still a very small dog, she's more than doubled in size since I got her, though she's mostly legs.  To be honest, it makes me sad that she's getting so big.  She is still sweet and sticks with me at all times anywhere we go or even if we're hanging out around the apartment.  Her loyalty is endearing.

A few new things from this month:
  • She has started to become a little bit of a watch dog.  In some ways this is nice.  I'm glad she wouldn't be happy happy happy if someone was trying to harm us.  In other ways, I'm afraid the neighbors might have an issue with it.  She will bark if she hears a car door shut, a car alarm, a car start (keep in mind, my apartment is right by all the parking in the complex), if someone walks past my door and she can see their silhouette.  Also if dogs come on tv she barks and if they make the cry sound, she goes crazy and we have to go outside.  Sometimes I don't see of hear anything and she just goes crazy.  Those times scare me a little.
  • I've been trying to brush Jovie's hair out more.  It's so fine and gets matted easily.  She doesn't make this easy.  It's not that she hates it, she just thinks it's a game and I can't get anywhere near her face.  She won't have it.  So I'd neglected it.  Two days ago I noticed a huge matted mess of a knot right between her eyes.  Felt like the worst.  Mother.  Ever.  So we went to Petco yesterday and they wound up having to shave it.  She's still adorable but looks a little mangy.  You can definitely tell it's not natural hair growth.  See for yourself in the photo below.  
  • She isn't chewing nearly as much.  She usually chooses her chew toys, which is nice.  She has also picked up on potty training and goes to the door when she needs out.  What a brilliant dog I have!
  • Speaking of brilliant, she is excelling in puppy school.  She knows "sit" "down" and "stay" very well.  And we're working on "come" "settle" and a few other things.  
Playing with her favorite rawhide football.

Checking out her new toy basket.

Helping me fold blankets.

Her bald spot.  Right between the eyes.  :(
Still love this little pup so, so much.  She's so much fun and loves to snuggle.  Happy five months to Jovie!!!

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