Monday, February 13, 2012

How to Make Custom Pillow Boxes

I LOVE pillow boxes.  They add classy flare to any gift-well, any gift that will fit in one.  I usually make small-size boxes for baked goods or gift cards.  They are also fun for birthday party or wedding favors.  And because they are so easy to make and easy to customize, they make the most mundane gift stand out.  Not that you ever give mundane gifts, right?

You will need:
Paper of your choice.  For the size I made an 8.5 x 11 in sheet would work but I used 12 x 12 in.
Hot Glue Gun
Something round (or just freehand it)
Low Temp Hot Glue
Tulle, Ribbon or Curling Ribbon for finishing

Paper, Scissors, Ruler, Pencil 
Measure .5 inches from top and draw a line.  Then measure 4.5 inches from top and draw a line.  Then measure 8.5 inches from top and draw a line.  Note:  These measurements can be adjusted depending on what you are planning to put inside.  To give you an idea on this size, I am inserting something about the size of half a ziploc sandwich bag.

Find something round that meets both lines.

I used a Starbucks hot cocoa canister.

Now like I said above, these are easily customized.  After drawing the curved lines I realized it was going to be too long for my treats so I shrunk them down several inches.  I also drew vertical guide lines for the width of each box.  Make sure the curved lines are no more than one inch from the vertical line.

Cut out the form!  Note the angle cuts on the .5 inch line.  It makes it into a tab you can use to seal the box.  If you are making multiple pillow boxes, use this one as your stencil and trace on other pieces of paper.

Fold all the original horizontal lines - including the tab. 
Another fold shot.

I ended up trimming the curves down.  You won't be folding them in straight across.  It will be more of an oval shape when folded.

Fold tab down and use hot glue to secure to the inside of the bottom (from the drawing).  Make sure you glue to the inside of the box.  You don't want the tab glued on the outside.  That would be tacky.  You now have your sleeve.  The ends are open.  

More sleeves.

Tuck ends on one side.  Fill.  And then tuck ends on the other side.  I am careful to make sure each end faces the same direction but it's not necessary.

Once your ends are tucked and contents are inserted, add tulle or ribbon to finish and secure with a bow.

Closeup of end.  The ends will hold themselves.  No need to glue.  (This is a Valentine's Day treat for Jovie's puppy school classmates.)

Valentine's Day treats for work!

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