Monday, February 27, 2012


Tonight was Jovie's puppy school AKC Socialization Training Activity and Responsibility (STAR) test and graduation.  It was also her last night of puppy school.  If you haven't seen previous posts, we've been attending puppy school at the Canine Sports Academy.  They have been wonderful.  I highly recommend them to anyone looking for any type of puppy/dog activity.  And luckily Jovie passed her test but she didn't behave very well!  She was soooo hyped up and wanted to play the whole time.  The photos below say it all:  (and Jovie got a haircut so she looks a little different.  To see her before and after, click here.)

Play time with Maybe (a mix) and Einstein (a boxer).

Run, run, run!

Kisses from Bandit (a corgi).

Jovie loves Bandit 
Drama queen

Resting between someone's legs after a drink of water.

Playing with Moxie (a cavapoo).

Maybe and Case (a bull mastiff) playing while Jovie tries to beg someone for food.
Class friends!  Zelda is a French Bulldog.

Zelda had pretty polished nails for class tonight!
On-leash heeling.  She actually does better off leash.

"Come" from 15 feet.  She loves her mom!
Trying to get her attention.  She was more interested in Case.

I think I had given up by this time.
But we did it!  Receiving our certificate.  Yay, Jovie!  Everyone in class loves her.  I think she'd be voted Miss Congeniality.

Trying to get a photo with Sandy, our instructor, but Jovie is arching her back like a dragon.

Look at the size of her ears!

She's such a poser!

This one will have to work!

Jovie's certificate on the refrigerator, right where it should be!

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