Sunday, February 12, 2012


My Sweet Cupid
In honor of Jovie's first Valentine's Day, we-ok I-thought she needed a little cupid outfit!  Instructions are below if you're interested in making your pooch their very own Cupid costume.

Measure elastic around your pup's waist.  Jovie's wasn't very big.
Use the needle and thread to stitch it up.  Make sure it's secure. 
Cut many lengths of tulle in the color of your choice.  Fold it in half.
Loop halved tulle under the elastic ring.
Tuck ends through the loop and pull through.
Add until full and voila! 
Use hot glue to cover a paper towel roll in glitter paper for the arrow sheath.  The inspiration for this part comes from Erika and Sebastian over at Sew DoggyStyle.  Cut arrow heads and tails out of adhesive-backed felt.
Cut thin dowel rod to the length you want and use adhesive-backed felt to cover.  It doesn't have to cover it completely.
Stick the sticky parts together on the ends of the dowel rod.
I used t-shirt paint to write "love" on the arrow sheath. 
Slip on the tutu.
And there you have it!  Time for a photo shoot!

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  1. This totally made my day. Thanks for sharing. I shared it on my facebook page. =)

    Happy Valentine's Day!!

    Erika and Sebastian