Tuesday, January 10, 2012

New Year's Resolutions

I know I should have posted this at least 10 days ago, but I have been working on these things since the first of the year and am just now getting around to making them official.  Just in case I need a reminder about what my focus is for 2012, I'll have this list for reference.

Whether it's writing, posting a blog, knitting a few rows, painting, drawing, designing, snapping a few photos, etc.  I want to push myself to do more and be better.  I want each task I take on to the be the best.  And practice makes perfect, right?  Also, this is the motto or slogan, if you will, of my favorite paper store, Paper Source.  I have seen this statement almost daily for years on their web site and have decided to officially embrace it.  Also, I'm happier when I get to be creative!

I want to get fit in every aspect of my life - physically, spiritually, financially, emotionally, etc.  Nothing is in disarray, I just want to be the best Candace I can be and by writing it down, I'm more likely to focus on each area.  

It's finally (almost) time!  If I am accepted and everything works out, I will start working on a Master of Fine Arts at OU in the Fall of 2012.  I haven't 100% decided which emphasis I'd like to work on but I'm leaning toward photography.  They have so much to offer and I'm still sorting through it all but I will keep you posted.

I'm not sure what yet.  Again, I have a few ideas of what I'd like to learn but I'm not completely set on anything yet.  I'm thinking a language, ballroom dancing, concealed weapons class or possibly even karate.  I just want to do SOMETHING I haven't done before.

So this one is super simple.  Fold the laundry.  Previously I would do the laundry but then I'd either leave it in the dryer or put it in the chair in the living room deemed the "laundry chair."  Sure the laundry was clean but it wasn't folded and put away.  It's not a hard thing to do, I just usually wouldn't take the 10 minutes needed to do it.  Then eventually there would be a clothes/towel mountain and I'd finally fold it all at once.  Not this year.  I will promptly fold and put away as it is dried, that way the laundry chair is available for sitting and I'm not annoyed all the time that I haven't folded yet.  I hate clutter.

Yay!!!  This one I'm very excited about.  I'm working on a redesign that will give the blog more structure and a new, improved look.  I'm ready for the change and hope you will like it too!  I will also introduce a new Do It Yourself (DIY) section as well as food/recipes and I vow to be better about posting design projects I've worked on for clients. 

Should be a good year!!  Glad to have 2011 behind me and already loving 2012.  Let's do this!

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