Sunday, January 29, 2012

Lite Chocolate Cupcakes

I saw a recipe on Pinterest for lite strawberry cupcakes.  My friend Ally made them and they were delicious.  The recipe called for one strawberry cake mix and replacing all other ingredients with 12 ounces of diet 7-Up.  Don't get me wrong, there is nothing wrong with strawberry, but I LOVE chocolate.  However, I haven't had any in weeks.  So I wanted to try this "lite" recipe in a chocolate version.  I was afraid a fruity soda might make it taste weird so I opted for Perrier.  ***I should mention my cousin, Holly (who you've seen here and can be found over at Something to Celebrate), should buy stock in Perrier.  When I was down for a visit, the woman couldn't drink enough Perrier!  And I must say, she's got me drinking it now.  It's just so refreshing.***  Now, I don't like frosting or icing so I didn't add anything to the tops.  Cool Whip would be a good option if you do want something, I just prefer things a little plain and bland.  :) Recipe and photos below:

One Chocolate Cake Mix
12 ounces plain Perrier
Mix and bake according to the instructions on the box

I had one--no idea how this recipe works with something fizzy instead of egg and oil, but it is delicious!


  1. This recipe was made for me--you know how I feel about the Perrier!!!

  2. This recipe was INSPIRED by you! Btw, I'm addicted to the Lime Perrier. Sooooo good!