Sunday, January 8, 2012

Jovie's Four Month Update

Sweet face
Jovie has spent the last month growing, playing, eating, bouncing, traveling with me and wiggling at any person or animal she comes in contact with.  She never meets a stranger.  It's ridiculous how much I love her.  I was never an animal person before I got her but now I can totally see why people are crazy over their pet.  She's my little companion and always hap-hap-HAPPY.  Happy to see me, happy to go anywhere with me.  I love that about her and she always makes me smile.

Helping pick turnip greens
Yesterday we went to the vet for her last round of boosters and she weighed in at 5.8 lbs.  That's a total gain of 1.6 lbs in a month.  She handled the shots a little better this time but was still a little sore.  Overall, she is the picture of health.

Jovie showing her hurt paw.
While we were at my parent's for Christmas, I went to stay with my cousin for a few days in Dallas.  Sadly, Jovie couldn't go with me and it was our first separation.  I didn't handle leaving her very well--cried until at least Davis.  While at my parent's house, the tip of her paw was accidentally stepped on.  Mom said she ran to the corner of a rug, sat down, help the hurt paw way up in the air and cried and cried.  I was so sorry I wasn't there to comfort her.  Whenever she thinks she's hurt she comes running to me.  My mom and dad took good care of her and made a trip to the vet.  They said it should heal and be fine.  She was sore for quite some time but is good as new now-until she gets in my yarn basket and gets in trouble.  Then she sits down and holds up the "hurt" paw.  It's adorable.

Her chewing has gotten MUCH better.  She knows what "no" means and generally obeys very well.  She also knows what she is allowed and not allowed to chew on.  Though she knows right and wrong for the most part, she is super mischievous.  She likes to grab things and take off.  Loves for me to chase her and generally I oblige.  At my parent's house, she stood on her back legs and grabbed an entire tube of yarn from the coffee table and took off.  The yarn was spooling from the middle and she made it around the dining room table and a big chair in the living room before I finally caught her.  My mom was incapacitated from laughing so hard.

Helping with a project
Speaking of my parents, they were not big fans of the "Candace getting a dog" idea.  But now they love Jovie to pieces and can't imagine life and holidays without her.  And she loved being at their house over the holidays.  Lots of room to run and other dogs to play with.  Not to mention lots more people and attention!

Her favorite place to sleep
She gets really excited sometimes and runs really fast.  Like, tucks her tail and sprints.  Then she'll bounce in place and go again.  She constantly stands on her hind legs.  It's a trait of the Affenpinscher breed.  Sometimes I'll hold her front paw and walk her around like a child.  Ha!

Jovie + Isabella = BFFE
I love coming home to her.  She's so excited and overjoyed to see me.  We usually go outside to potty and walk around and then go and lay on my bed and play and discuss our days.  Ok, kidding on that last part.  She loves my bed.  It's like a special treat to get up there.  She also loves her bed in her bedroom (crate) when she's sleepy.

She is almost potty trained.  She does not have accidents in her crate at all and when she does happen to have one in the apartment, it's always on the tile by the door.  She's probably trying to tell me she needs out and I miss it.  Last week, she went to the door and whined to go out, where she went potty immediately.  I was so proud.

Love this look
When it's very cold outside, she enjoys wearing sweaters to keep her warm.  My mom made her a sweater that she LOVES.  I'll post a tutorial soon.  We start puppy school tomorrow!

In her new sweater.

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