Monday, January 9, 2012

Jovie's First Day of School

Ha!  Puppy school!  In December I enrolled her in the "STAR" Puppy class at the Canine Sports Academy in Norman.  I learned about this place when I had Jovie with me in Wal-Mart.  A woman came up to our cart and raved about how adorable Jovie was.  Naturally I agreed with her!  She had little dog earrings and a herd of dogs embroidered on her shirt so I knew she was a dog lover.  And she definitely loved Jovie.  We got to talking and as it turns out, she's a trainer at the Canine Sports Academy. 

Ready for school!  Love her smile and her ears!
(Please excuse the laundry basket and vacuum in the background.)

Jovie's first class was tonight.  I wasn't sure what to expect.  We walked in to around 20 dogs and their people.  All types of breeds, colors and sizes.  One had a muzzle.  Jovie wanted to meet them ALL.  She's such an outgoing, friendly little dog.  Most didn't know what to think about her sprinting up to them and getting right in their faces and then trying to climb all over them.  Yeah, she's THAT kid in school. 
Such a sweetie!

In her class, there were three large puppies: Einstein, a 10-week-old white boxer pup (loved him); a bull mastiff puppy-can't remember his name and age but loved him also; and Jovie's favorite, Maybe, an adopted mix that belonged to a girl about my age.  There were also three small puppies: A 14-week-old French Bulldog named Roxie, some kind of fluffy designer dog named Moxie and Jovie.  Here is a photo recap of what I managed to capture below: (everything is blurry because Jovie never. Stopped.  Moving.  And it was hard to get a good pic on my phone with everything going on around us.

1.  Jovie trying her hardest to get to the biggest Rottweiler I've ever seen.  Momma didn't let that happen.  2.  Jovie sniffing the clean up kit during potty break while the older dogs have class on the other side of the building.  3.  Jovie climbing all over her new friend, Maybe.  Maybe was such a good, sweet dog and didn't mind at all.  4.  After class, Jovie met another new friend, Kate.  She was so nice and the most regal-looking dog I've ever seen.  They were fast friends.  

The class was super.  Jovie got a lot of good socializing in and we worked on "come" and "settle."  We will continue to work on those two along with "sit" this week as homework and will be ready for class next week.  The teachers LOVED Jovie.  They all held her and fawned over her.  She ate it up.  Now, as I type this, she's sound asleep on my lap.  Little dear.  School wore her out.

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