Friday, January 6, 2012

Happy Anniversary, Mom and Dad!

Here's to 28 years of wedded bliss!  My parents are fantastic examples of what a good, healthy, loving marriage and family should be.  They're a team.  They love 4-wheelers, guns, WWE Raw, Pete's Place, making/building things, trips and most of all, each other!  They also love their kids.  They've always been our biggest fans and without them, I would not have made it through these last few months.  They are awesome!

At my grandparent's (dad's mom and dad) 60th Wedding Anniversary lunch, August 2010.

At WWE Raw.  Mom even made a poster, March 2010.

At a pumpkin patch in Norman, October, 2011

2011 Family Christmas Card photo shoot
Aren't they versatile?!?!

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