Saturday, January 28, 2012

For the Love of Valentine's Day

Be Mine

I was having lunch with my cousin, Gayla (you've seen her here and here) the day after I posted Inspiration: Elizabethtown.  She was a little surprised at my love of Valentine's Day.  So I've been thinking on that.  Why do I love Valentine's Day?  And I've finally figured it out.

This love of Valentine's Day stems, quite simply, from my love of paper.  Valentine's Day cards can be so intricate and made with so many textures (i.e. lace, construction paper, textured paper, glitter, doilies, etc.).  Flowers, chocolate and other staples of Valentine's Day are nice too.  Yes, I'm one of those people who doesn't care if it's a "commercial media trapping the consumer...."  You get the point.  I'm not one of those.

Since I was little I've loved paper.  My dad worked in a book store when I and sometimes I got to go with him.  They did all kinds of things in the back: embossing, framing, gift wrapping.  And because they sold paper, there were pallets of it everywhere.  I'd slink around the back in the warehouse looking in all the trash bins and around the pallets and paper cutters for bits and scraps of paper and old embossing film.  Ummm, you didn't do that too?  Moving on....

In grade school, Valentine's Day was the best holiday-mostly because you got to give Valentine's Day cards to your classmates.  AND they gave some to you.  My favorite part of the day was getting home and going through all the Valentine's cards.  Of course I just assumed everyone in the class spent as much time choosing just the right card for me as I had for them.  I think I was probably wrong about that.  But at the time, I didn't know.

As I got older, I'd make my own Valentine's Day cards, taking great pains to make sure they were absolutely Martha Stewart-like perfect for friends and family.

And now that I'm a designer, I see that paper can absolutely make a difference in any finished project.  It's the difference between a keepsake and something people will throw in the trash like yesterday's newspaper.  Paper is to the finished project what typography is to the design-and I think typography is imperative.

Today my mom and I spent about an hour looking at paper in Hobby Lobby.  Dad took a nap in the car because the paper aisle was only ONE aisle in the store.  He's a good dad.  I'm home now and about to go through the paper we found to decide which to use for each of my coworkers, puppy classmates (not kidding), family and friends.  I guess some things never change.  I'll always be that kid who spends a substantial amount of time deciding which Valentine will be just right for each person.  Photos coming soon for the finished product!

Hope you're having a weekend as happy as mine is!

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