Saturday, December 3, 2011

Jovie's Three Month Update

Jovie turned four months old on December 1st.  I've had her since 11-11-11.  In that short period of time, here are a few things I've learned about my pup and some milestones we've had:
  • She was chewing on everything-rugs, cords, hair, blankets, my feet, my clothes, the couch, pillows, the baseboards and.....oh yeah, sometimes the many chew toys I bought her.  We've really worked on this and she's gotten a lot better.  I've also discovered she loves the rawhide toys.  Those have helped immensely.  I realize she's chewing to relive the pain as she's teething but I can't have her destroying furniture or getting electrocuted...or eating my hair.  
Playing in her sweater.
  • She got her first bath on 11-14-2011.  She didn't mind it and she's just so cute when she's soaked.  You can definitely see how small she is.
Jovie's first bath
  • Though she has all these dog toys, her favorite thing to play with is an empty plastic water bottle.  Here is a video of her in action:  (ignore the bag of recycling in the kitchen)
  • When she gets tired she whines.  It is adorable.  She does this until I pick her up and sit down with her.  Her favorite place to sleep is on my chest or perched up on my shoulder.  

  • She can climb up my couch like a cat.  And when I'm moving around the apartment cleaning or something, she perches on the arm of the couch like a cat and watches me.  She can't stand to not be able to see me.  
Jovie watching me in the kitchen
  • She's doing really well in her crate.  She usually curls up in her bed and sleeps.  She stays in her crate when I go to work or bed.
  • She goes most everywhere except work with me.  She's great in public.  LOVES other people and other animals.  I usually take a blanket with me and put it in the kid seat in the top of the basket and she either sits or lays.  She loves Hobby Lobby in particular--lots of colorful, shiny things to look at.  When she rides in the car she either lays in her bed or in my lap and stares at me.  I swear she can tell me apart from other people. 
Jovie in the Car
  • We made the first trip to the vet this morning.  She got her booster shots and I had her microchipped.  She weighs in at 4.2 pounds and they said she is a very healthy, happy little dog.  It was pouring when we left.
Sweet little face.  Just left the vet.
  • She has watched almost all of the Harry Potter movies with me and they hold her attention.  She also watches that Coke commercial with the polar bears every time it comes on and wagged her tail at my laptop when I played Michael Buble's Christmas album.  Clearly she has great taste.  She also gets in the zone when watching 30 Rock.  
Jovie watching 30 Rock

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