Thursday, December 29, 2011

Hunger Games Movie Soundtrack

With any movie comes a soundtrack.  I'll admit I used to have a terrible addiction to movie soundtracks.  And ok, sometimes I still buy music from movies I see.  I've been searching for what the Hunger Games album will be comprised of and right now, it seems a little fuzzy.

Taylor Swift [feat. The Civil Wars] has one song locked in called "Safe and Sound."  It's folksy and quite different from her other music.  I found it very depressing and somewhat unrelated to the Hunger Games.  The lyrics are closely tied to Rue's song and I hate to see this song take away from hers.  It's as if they said, "We need a song that's going to sell with a big name artist.  If Stephanie Meyers got Muse, we must have Taylor Swift!"  Blah.  So far, it has 7766 ratings on iTunes with the average rating being 4.5 stars.  I read a lot of the comments and while many people call it "brilliant," I side more with those who say Taylor is a wonderful artist but she's not for the Hunger Games.  Regardless of the ratings and comments, the song shot to #1 on the iTunes singles list within 24 hours of release, which was December 23.  The illustration below shows the most frequently-used words in the song, with the largest words most frequent.

Win Butler and Regine Chassagne of Arcade Fire have written a song called "Horn of Plenty" for the movie.  The Decemberists have also reportedly contributed to an original song called "One Engine" that is to appear on the album, set to be released before the movie in March.

The soundtrack's producer is T Bone Burnett.  The rest of the soundtrack lineup has not been released, but according to a press release, it will feature "all new songs based on themes that figure into the movie's storyline."

Jennifer Lawrence will not only play Katniss in the movie, but she'll also lend her vocals to the soundtrack.  Imagine that.  An actress who's also a singer.  I'm betting she models too.  Burnett had high praise for her singing.  He said it was "beautiful.  She did great.  She's singing great.  Killer actor too."  Did I mention Burnett also contributed to "Safe and Sound" as well as the Decemberists song?  Let's hope his three-word sentences aren't a tip off to the kind of music he writes...

iTunes is also home to a host of music "inspired by Hunger Games" if you're interested.  Simply search Hunger Games in the "title" section to listen.

MTV says, "Fans are totally geeked about the new big-screen adaptation that could be the next-generation "Twilight" series, which is why we put together our list of the top 10 "Games" moments of 2011."  First off, "geeked?!?"  Really?  What is that?  And B, Hunger Games is NOT a next-generation "Twilight."  It's so much better than that!

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