Monday, December 26, 2011

Family Photos, Texas Style

I got to take some photos of my gorgeous cousin, Holly and her beautiful [growing] family today.  It was cold and misting rain but we managed to get a few good shots.  Of course, when you work with pretty people, it makes things easy!  Holly and I have always been close.  Her husband, Sean is great and downtown Hannah Brown ("That's not my name!") is absolutely precious!  We had a great time....well, until the cold and the lack of a nap got to Hannah.  You'll see what I mean. :)  Then later, after naps, dinner and a several rounds of Dance Central, we took a few in front of the Christmas tree like my friend April over at Mommy Murray.

The whole family!

Happy, happy, happy

Beautiful Hannah

Such a sweetheart!

Right where she likes to be!

I know it shouldn't, but this photo makes me laugh every time I see it!


Christmas glow

Coming soon!

One of my favorite quotes with my favorite pregnant lady!


  1. Yay, my favorite post ever! :-) You're an amazing woman and an amazing photographer. We love having you in Texas.

  2. Beautiful! Love them all. Good work!